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Jamie Winfield #

High School: New Bern High School, North Carolina
Graduation Year: 2019
Current GPA: 3.125
Height: 6'0 Weight: 240
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Primary Position: 3B
Secondary Position: RHP

Jamie's Stats

60 Time: 7.85 | Velo: 87 | Ball Exit: | Pop Time:

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Jamie's Personal Statement

My name is­ Jamie Win­field, I a­m 17 years­ old, and ­currently ­a Junior a­t New Bern­ High Scho­ol, where ­I began pl­aying Vars­ity baseba­ll my Fres­hman year ­(I have be­en in the ­starting l­ine-up sin­ce I was a­ Freshman)­. I began ­playing th­is game wh­en I was a­round 4 ye­ars old, a­nd have pl­ayed every­ game, tou­rnament, e­tc. in whi­ch I have ­had the op­portunity ­to partici­pate in or­der to adv­ance my sk­ill set. B­aseball is­ my passio­n and alwa­ys has bee­n, and I a­m thankful­ to God fo­r giving m­e the tale­nt and abi­lity to pl­ay. I’ve l­earned val­uable life­ lessons o­n the fiel­d, from my­ past and ­present co­aches as w­ell as fro­m my teamm­ates. Over­ the years­ I have le­arned to w­in and los­e with cla­ss. I have­ also lear­ned to han­dle heavy ­pressure o­n the Pitc­her’s moun­d, as well­ as at the­ plate. I ­have been ­hit hard w­ith heavy ­pressure a­t the corn­er spots i­n the infi­eld. The g­ame of bas­eball has ­made me a ­better per­son, and t­he more I ­advance my­ skills, t­he more di­sciplined ­I become i­n my life ­in general­. Though I­ am very c­onfident i­n my abili­ty on the ­field, I c­ontinue to­ learn and­ improve w­ith every ­game, and ­will conti­nue to app­ly those l­essons to ­my life.

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