2020 Florida

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Alec Mursuli #7

High School: Olympic Heights High School, Florida
Graduation Year: 2020
Current GPA: 3.4
Height: 5'11 Weight: 185
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Primary Position: Catcher
Secondary Position: None

Alec's Stats

60 Time: 7.4 | Velo: 83 | Ball Exit: 86 | Pop Time: 1.9

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Alec's Personal Statement

l always give my 100%, no matter what. My attitude is something that will lift the rest of my team, and I will always be positive. I am also extremely competitive. Every time I step foot on the field I strive to compete, and be the best. The biggest part of my game is to be leader for my team. I love to win but I understand nothing is perfect, so after a loss I prepare to work on any mistakes and correct them for the future, I love to learn.

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