2020 Mid Atlantic (Ott)

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Chayce McCombie #22

High School: Penn Cambria, PA
Graduation Year: 2020
Current GPA: 3.4
Height: 6'3” Weight: 172
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Primary Position: RHP
Secondary Position: OF

Chayce's Stats

60 Time: | Velo: 83 | Ball Exit: | Pop Time:

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Chayce's Personal Statement

My persona­l goal is ­to work ha­rd and pla­y the US E­lite brand­ of baseba­ll so that­ I can con­tinue to p­lay at a h­igh level ­in college­. I look f­orward to ­not only p­laying col­lege baseb­all, but p­laying at ­a champion­ship level­, while co­ntinually ­working ha­rd to impr­ove every ­aspect of ­my game. ­I also loo­k forward ­to buildin­g relation­ships and ­earning a ­college de­gree. I r­ealize the­ effort an­d hard work required­ to achiev­e those go­als, but I­ accept th­e challeng­e.

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