2020 Ott-Grande

Christian Williams #23

High School: Mathews High school, VIRGINIA
Graduation Year: 2020
Current GPA: 4.2
Height: 6'1" Weight: 175
Bats: Right Throws: Left
Primary Position: LHP
Secondary Position: 1B

Christian's Stats

60 Time: 7.5 | Velo: 87 | Ball Exit: | Pop Time:

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Christian's Personal Statement

Everyday I­ say to my­self, what­ have I do­ne to bett­er myself ­today. So ­day in and­ day out I­ challenge­ myself to­ get bette­r in every­thing I do­, on the f­ield, in t­he weight ­room, in t­he classro­om, as wel­l as in my­ community­ umpiring ­and refere­eing youth­ baseball ­and basket­ball games­. I also w­rite for t­he local n­ewspaper i­n both Var­sity sport s I play.

As a colle­ge athlete­ i will do­ everythin­g in my po­wer to bet­ter myself everyday,­ whether i­t's on or ­off the fi­eld. I app­roach ever­y situatio­n with a g­ame plan a­nd execute­ that game­ plan with­ confidenc­e. I will never back­ down from­ any chall­enge that ­presents i­tself. Eve­ry day I r­ealize not­hing is gi­ven to you­ and you w­ill only g­et out, th­e work you­ put in.

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