2021 Carbone

Zach Kellman #9

High School: Cannon School, North Carolina
Graduation Year: 2021
Current GPA: 3.3
Height: 5'8'' Weight: 125
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Primary Position: SS
Secondary Position: RHP

Zach's Stats

60 Time: | Velo: | Ball Exit: 80 | Pop Time:

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Zach's Personal Statement

Hello, my ­name is Za­ch Kellman­, I am cur­rently att­ending Can­non School­ as a fres­hman with ­a 3.0 GPA.­ I am a mi­ddle infie­lder ­for Cannons' Ba­seball Pro­gram and have recieved the JV coach's award this past season. In my free time I enjoy playing football with my brother and hanging out with friends and family. This past summer I read a book by the name of; "The Last Lecture", and at the end of the book we would go online and take a test to find your strengths, and mine were: WOO (winning others over), Communication, Strategic, Command, and Competition. All of these strengths equal my exact personality which is leadership. I'm the kind of guy that no matter where you put me on the field I will always be chattering and I will always be working as hard as I can whether I like the position or not.

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