FC York Foundation Changes Lives

Despite his organization being on the low end of what most travel programs charge, US Elite Director, Mark Helsel, says some players still can’t afford to play in his organization, or any for that matter. “There are people in very difficult financial positions that simply cannot afford player fees, said Helsel. Some are single parents doing their best to stay above water. Some people have experienced great tragedies. Some are people who have simply not had things go their way. It doesn’t really matter why, or how, they got in a tough financial situation. The bottom line is travel baseball is way down on the list of things that need to be paid, and their sons cannot play. Over the years, we’ve done our best to work with families, but in some cases we simply were not able to find a way”. That is all about to change with US Elite’s new relationship with the FC York Foundation.

The FC York Foundation is a non-profit organization, dedicated to building educational development programs for less fortunate youth associated with amateur sports. The organization was founded in 2008 and has been helping players and families financially. Helsel said the new relationship US Elite has formed with FC York will change lives. “There will be players now come through our program and get a college education solely because the FC York Foundation made that financially possible. Players will be able to play in our program and we can get these kids in front of the right people to offer them a scholarship to play baseball in college. I know “life changing” is an expression that is way overused, but helping a kid get an education, where he most likely would not have, truly qualifies”.

Helsel says parents who would like to play for US Elite, but may need financial assistance can apply online. Click HERE. If you would like to learn more about how you can support the FC Foundation please Click HERE.