Ferber Leads The Way To Second National Championship

Last summer Coach Jason Ferber’s 13U team won the Perfect Game/Evoshield National Championship. This past week in Jupiter, FL, he lead the way again, as his 2019 Grad team won the Gold Medal game at the USA Baseball 15U National Championships.

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“This feels great”, said a jubilant Ferber. “This tournament attracts many of the top teams in the country. Winning the USA Baseball National Championship is special. I want to thank the entire staff at USA Baseball. They did a fantastic job running this tournament. As far as the results, give all the credit to the players. They played hard all week and finished strong. They earned this by playing the game the right way. They beat some very, very talented and classy teams. We enjoyed playing these top shelf programs. I am very proud of all of my players”.

Ferber, who is the Director of the US Elite 2019 class, leads his team with a youthful energy and his players seem to respond. US Elite Director, Mark Helsel, says Ferber is unique. “He combines discipline and structure with having fun. That is very, very hard to do. His players would run through a wall for him. He is definitely a high energy guy who loves coaching these young men. He knows how to get the most from his players”.

Ferber took a talented team of 15U players to Florida to square off against some of the top teams in the country. The week-long event got off to a slow start for the US Elite 2019’s, losing their first two games. “Both of those games were winnable, said Ferber. There was no reason to panic. These kids are gamers and have a lot of confidence. I knew they would bounce back”. And bounce back they did.

They won their next five games, outscoring their opponents 34-7. During that stretch they pitched two shutouts, including a 8-0 game against the #12 ranked team in the country (Team Elite, GA). In the championship game they beat the Elite Squad Prime 6-1, who are ranked #20 by Perfect Game. Helsel says winning events like this are difficult for northeast teams. “If you look at the rankings, and the teams who usually win these types of national events, it’s usually teams from FL, TX, GA or CA. But, over the last few years we have been able to attract many of the top players from PA, NY, NJ, VA and MD and we are proving that kids from the Northeast can compete against the best in the country”.

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Since last summer Ferber has been recruiting players he feels can play at this level. “I enjoy recruiting players and giving them opportunities to compete at events like this. Until you play against this type of competition you really don’t know how good you are. The competition at this event was the best we have seen so far. There were no easy games”.

Helsel says his organization will continue to challenge its players. “All of our teams play difficult schedules. The goal is not just to win trophies or rings. The ultimate goal is to be challenged and learn how to compete (and win) against the best teams in the country. College coaches are looking for winners. They want players who will help them win their conferences, and help them get to Omaha. That’s the kind of player we are developing at US Elite. When we win an event like this, it is awesome, but we want our players to stay hungry and keep getting better. These kids have an amazing journey in front of them”.