Ferber Leads with Passion and Energy

Anybody who has ever met Jason Ferber, or just been around him, says the same thing. The guy has more energy than anyone, and his passion for helping kids is undeniable. As the skipper for the US Elite 2019 National team, Ferber is excited to get the summer season started. “This is a very special year for us. I’ve had a lot of these players me since they were 13 or 14 years old. It’s been an awesome ride. This is our last year together because they are all rising seniors”.

Jose Torres, one of the top 2019 prospects in the country, with Coach Ferber.

Besides being a great coach, Ferber is also a relentless recruiter. He began his career with US Elite in 2014 with a group of 13U players. From there he developed, recruited and built a Top 10 national team. Along the journey Ferber’s teams have won several National Championships, including the prestigious 15U USA Baseball National title. But winning has just been a bi product of Ferber’s master plan. His real passion is helping his players develop properly and move on to the next level. His roster for the summer boasts 18 players who have committed to D1 baseball. See Roster HERE. Ask any of them and they will tell you Jason Ferber was a big part of their success. “I just committed to William and Mary, says Ben Greenspon. I couldn’t have done that without the leadership and guidance from Coach Ferber. Early on I was undersized, and didn’t get a ton of attention, but Coach Ferber never stopped believing in me and promoted me hard to a lot of schools”.

2019 MIF Ben Greenspon recently committed to William and Mary.

USA Baseball 15U National Champions!

Ferber’s meteoric rise to the top is something of legendary status. He has gone from relative obscurity just a few years ago to amassing a cult like following on Instagram of nearly 100,000 followers. Ask nearly any player in the country and they will tell you they follow Jason Ferber. And why not? He’s fun, he’s energetic and he loves helping kids, any kids. “The Instagram thing is kind of an anomaly. It just happened. I’m not even sure how”. Ferber is a busy guy. He is a Team USA Certified evaluator for the NYC for the NTIS. His responsibilities include identifying the top 18 players in every age group out of the 5 boroughs of NYC. He is also the founder and owner of NYC Sharks Baseball and Athletic Training. He trains players of all ages and all abilities. “I just love the grind. I love the trenches. I love the sweat. Champions are made when nobody is watching. As a player I was a grinder, so I love finding kids who are tough and want to push the envelope”.

Ferber’s talented #19 ranked team in the country will be front and center this summer. They will play a top national schedule at prestigious events like the Cincy Flames Tournament of Champions, The Perfect Game World Series in Arizona, The PG WWBA and the Program 15 National Championships in Houston. “This summer is alot different than what we’ve done in the past. Nearly all of our kids are already committed so we’re focusing on exposure from MLB scouts, and at the same time, simply preparing our players to compete at the very highest levels in the country. This will serve them well when they get to college. Their future college coaches love our plans for them because they are constantly being challenged. We have no prima donnas on this team. We say “stay humble, stay hungry”. Troy LaNeve, who is one of the highest profile players on the team (Vanderbilt commit and ranked # in the country by Perfect Game) agrees. “We haven’t done anything yet. We haven’t won anything. We haven’t played our first inning yet. None of us have played an inning of college baseball. The theme of this team is to keep getting better. The best is in front of us. Baseball is what have you done for me lately.”.

Troy LaNeve, # 61 ranked player in the country.

Ferber is their fearless leader. “He keeps it fun, but he doesn’t let us coast”, says Louisville commit, Bobby Whalen. “It’s rare to find a coach who can make you laugh, and kick you in the butt at the same time. I love playing for Coach Ferber”.

Bobby Whalen, Louisville Commit.

Ferber’s team will play a rigorous schedule throughout the summer and the fall. They will wrap up an amazing ride when they play their last event together at the Perfect Game World Championships in Jupiter in October. “It’s no secret. We want to win that event and everything we do this summer and fall is preparing us for that event.”