Five US Elite Teams To Play in Perfect Game World Series

Five US Elite teams will play in one of the top events in the country this summer when they play in the Perfect Game World Series. US Elite National Director, Mark Helsel, says this event is different than most. “Perfect Game invites who they believe are the top teams in the country for each age group. It really is exclusive and elite. I commend them for creating an event that gives elite level programs a chance to go head to head”.

US Elite sent three teams to the 4 day event in 2017 and they did quite well. This summer his US 2019 National squad, lead by Jason Ferber will head to the Cubs spring training complex in Mesa, AZ for the 17U World Series. “Every game will be against a super quality opponent, said Ferber. There are no easy games. It’s hard to find that in any other tournaments because most events are not “invite only” and have a wide range of talent level. The PG World Series was designed for maximum competition, which is perfect for our team since all of them are already committed to D1 schools. This will give them a good idea of what it will be like in college”.

Helsel says the exposure at the event is also very high, “College coaches and MLB Scouts love this event, especially for the younger aged teams with a lot of uncommitted players. They are watching many of the top players in the country compete against the best of the best. It gives them a great opportunity to just sit on players for 3-4 days straight and see how they do against elite level competition. We even had college coaches watching our 13U teams last year because they know these are the same players who will be top recruits in a few short years. It’s crazy how early recruiting starts at the elite level”.

US Elite teams for this summer’s events will consist of mostly players from within the organization. However, Helsel says they will pick up some players for this event. “With only 20 teams per age group there are alot of really good players that are on teams that don’t get invited to this event. Usually, we’ll pick up some “guest” players for each team. It gives them a chance to play in a really high level event, and it may even strengthen our team a little. At this event, you can never have enough pitching”.

Helsel said players interested in playing in this event with US Elite Baseball should complete the form below as soon as possible. “If we find a player that we feel has the ability to play at the highest level, we’ll try to get him on one of our teams for the World Series”.

The dates are as follows. Click to see the participating teams. 

13U, June 17-22, Lakepoint Sports, Emerson, GA

14U, July 20-24, Lakepoint Sports, Emerson, GA

15U, July 21-28, Lakepoint Sports, Emerson, GA

16U, July 22-26, Lakepoint Sports, Emerson, GA

17U, July 19-24, Cubs Spring Training Complex, Mesa, AZ

If you would like to be considered for a US Elite Team for the Perfect Game World Series please complete the form below.