Future Liberty Flame, Mathieu’s Hard Work Pays Off

Logan MathieuLogan Mathieu will play his college baseball at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The 2017 power hitting first baseman and Left handed pitcher from Howard, PA accepted a scholarship offer from Liberty head coach, Jim Toman. “I just love Liberty. I first visited there in the fall of my sophomore year. My US Elite team played there and I felt very comfortable right from the start. The coaches made me feel very welcome.” Mathieu said the campus, the players, the coaches and a former US Elite player helped sway his decision. “Zack Helsel is at Liberty and he loves it there. I spent some time with Zack and it gave me a good idea of what life at Liberty will be like for me. I can’t wait to get there.” Liberty competes in the Big South Conference and is arguably one of the most up and coming programs in college baseball. LIberty plays in a new 21 million dollar stadium and is building one of the largest student-athlete centers in the country. Read more here.

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US Elite Director, Mark Helsel, says Logan’s story is a perfect example of why he started the organization 9 years ago. “Logan has a lot of natural ability. But, like most of our players, he needed guidance, direction and even some tough love. When Logan came to our program at 12 years old nobody was saying he looked like a future Division one baseball player. Honestly, he didn’t. What makes Logan’s story so awesome is that he took the information we gave him and he followed a plan for his development. Give the credit to Logan, he did all the hard work to put himself in a position to be a division one baseball player.”

Mathieu says playing at Liberty his sophomore year really started the recruiting process. “One of the things our organization does to help us get exposure is to schedule us to play on college campuses. Coach Helsel set up an event just for 4 of our teams to play at Liberty. I did pretty well that weekend and the Liberty coaches encouraged me to keep working hard. They told me they would follow my progress.” That’s where the story really gets interesting.

Mathieu showed some serious power at the plate his sophomore year. His teammates and coaches nicknamed him “Big Easy” for his effortless swing. But, at 6’3 and 245 lbs, Mathieu had some work to do on his speed and agility. “Let’s just say I was not very fast and not very agile” said Mathieu. “Coach Helsel told me I would never need game changing speed, but I also could not be what he calls a ‘base clogger.’ He said I could not be a one tool player. He said for me to get offers from division one schools I would need to increase my foot speed and agility.” Enter Rob Oshinskie and Andy Riley. Rob’s the owner of Victory Sports in State College and trains Matt Adams. Adams is the starting first basemen for the St. Louis Cardinals. Like Mathieu, Adams is a big guy and a power hitting first baseman. Andy has been Logan’s 1-on-1 sports performance trainer at Victory for more than two years. As a young player Adams also needed to work on his foot speed and agility. “I was aware of how Rob and Victory Sports helped Matt, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps” said Mathieu.

Helsel concludes. “What makes Logan’s story so satisfying for me is knowing that Logan had a plan, and followed a plan. He took the so called ‘tough love’ and he did something about it. I remember the expression on Coach Murray’s face (Liberty recruiting coordinator) when he saw Logan one year later. He barely recognized Logan. Then, Logan went out and hit a couple bombs at their stadium and the rest is, as they say, history. Every college and pro team is looking for a guy that can change a game with one swing of the bat. They are hard to find. Logan has become that guy and I’m extremely proud of him. He should be an inspiration to all of our younger players. Hard work pays off.”

Mathieu will play this summer for US Elite/Team Majestic, which is a team comprised of all D1 committed players.