Louisville Lands Prized Recruit, Bobby Whalen

Eric Snider at Louisville is one of the hardest working recruiting coordinators in the country, and he certainly knows talent when he sees it. If you attend any of the top national events you will see Coach Snider there scouting players and taking lots of notes. That’s why it’s no surprise that US Elite’s Bobby Whalen is headed to the ACC powerhouse on a baseball scholarship. He was spotted by Louisville, and many other D1 schools, during in his first summer of playing with US Elite Baseball. It didn’t take the speedy outfielder long to catch the attention of college coaches.

“It was an amazing summer, said Whalen. I joined US Elite for the opportunity to be seen. We played in the biggest national events and there were college coaches watching us play every game. There are so many prospects on our team and college coaches seemed to follow us around. At first it was a little nerve wracking, but after awhile you just get used to it”.  

Whalen said he visited several schools before giving Louisville the good news. “They have everything I wanted. Obviously, playing in the ACC is a big attraction. But, more than anything, the coaches and players were the main reason I chose Louisville. I felt totally at home there, and I can’t wait to get to school”. Whalen will have awhile to wait, however, as he is only a sophomore in high school.

US Elite National Director, Mark Helsel, says Whalen is the prototypical kid for the program. “Believe it or not, the first time I ever saw Bobby was through his high school football highlight film. He was making plays all over the field and scoring TD’s and you could see he was a tough kid. But, the play I remember the most was him running a kid down on the two yard line and saving a TD. That’s all I needed to see to know what kind of kid Bobby is. He’s a gamer and a bulldog. He represents everything we are trying to teach here at US Elite”.

His head coach at US Elite, Jason Ferber, is equally impressed. “He is one of the leaders on my team. He has the “it” factor. He is a tremendous competitor and hustles as much as any player I have ever seen. He’s the kind of kid that helps a team win a national championship”.

Whalen, who still plans to play football in high school, says he is looking forward to playing on the US Elite 2019’s this summer. “We won the USA Baseball National Championship last year, but I know I can speak for the rest of my teammates, we’re not satisfied with that. There are more events we want to win. We have the talent to have an amazing summer. And, even though I am already committed, I need to keep working hard to get better”.

Helsel says he is looking forward to watching Whalen lead the way. “He’s fun to watch. It doesn’t take you long to pick him out. He’s the high energy, fired up kid making plays all over the field. Louisville got a really good player in Bobby Whalen”.