Record Setting Draft for US Elite Baseball

Seven former US Elite players heard their name called in the 2017 MLB draft. It is the most players ever picked in one draft for the US Elite program. Five college players and two high school players were taken in the draft. National Director summed it up best, “A lot of hard work paid off for seven very deserving young men”.

JJ Matijevic became the highest draft pick ever at US Elite when he was taken by the Houston Astros in the second round.

Mark Helsel, “JJ has had a great career at Arizona and did everything he had to do to put himself in this position. He was a tremendous performer in our program and we could not be prouder of him”.


Mark Helsel, “Nick is one of the hardest working kids we’ve ever had. He overcame some adversity early in college career and kept focused on the right things. He’s a warrior’.

Quote from NIck: Being a part of US Elite gave me a unique opportunity to go across the country and face the best competition out there! It also brought me together with temporary teammates who became lifelong friends. US Elite is a family and I’ll remember it as that!


Mark Helsel, “Colton is a very high character kid, and has everything going for him. God blessed him with a ton of talent. He’s a big leaguer in the making”.

Colton Hock “Thank you to Coach Helsel, Coach Fritz and to all my US Elite teammates for giving me my first opportunity to be seen by college coaches and fall in love with the sport! To the current US Elite players, keep working hard and realize that every game and handshake is an opportunity to open up a new door in your life.”


Mark Helsel “I had the privilege of watching Sal pitch alot this spring. Sal is a blue collar kid with a very strong will to succeed. He steadily improved as a pitcher and put himself in this position by getting the most of his God given talent”.

Sal Biasi “Playing with Coach Helsel and US Elite really was any eye opener for me. I got to play against the best competition in the nation. This inspired me to push myself even harder every day to pursue my dream of playing professional baseball. It also was an opportunity to play with a ton of great teammates, who are now lifelong friends. I would like to thank everyone involved with US Elite. I know they will continue to push forward to be one of the most successful organizations there is.”


Mark Helsel “A few years ago Mike came to watch our 12U team in Cooperstown and spoke to our youngest players. That really made an impact on those kids. That’s the kind of person he is. He had a great college career and now he gets to work his way to the big leagues”.

Michael Osinski “Big thanks to Coach Helsel and the entire US Elite organization. It was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made and it opened so many doors for me in my playing career. The organization not only helps you become a better player on the field, but also shows you how to carry yourself off the field. US Elite gave me an opportunity to play against the best competition in the country and got me in front of alot of people. I can’t thank Coach Helsel and US Elite enough for everything they have done for me.”


Justin Vought 31st round, Kansas City Royals
Mark Helsel, “Justin is a standup kid. He comes from a great family who were very committed to our program when he played for us. He has all the makings of a big league catcher. He can go pro now, or go to school at Maryland. Either way, he has success written all over him”.

Quote from Justin: Big thanks to Coach Helsel and the entire staff at US Elite Baseball for giving me an opportunity to play at a high level at a young age. Being able to play against the best early in my career only made me work that much harder to achieve my goals. US Elite gave me every opportunity to accomplish them”.


Brian Morrell, 35th round, Philadelphia Phillies
Mark Helsel, Brian is a very high character kid who was also blessed with tremendous talent. He was a leader in our program and it’s no surprise that he is getting the opportunities he is. He is committed to Notre Dame so it’s all good for Brian. He will do well at the next level.

Quote from Brian: Playing for US Elite Baseball was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. It gave me an opportunity to get great exposure and play against the best talent in the country. Many times over the course of my high school career college coaches have complimented me on not only how I play the game, but also how I carry myself as a player. Words such as class, professional, hard working have been used to describe me as a player and I thank US Elite for teaching me those skills. I will value them throughout my entire baseball career.