Thoughts on Success from National Director, Mark Helsel

A good friend of mine who I had not spoken to in quite some time called me the other day. It was great to catch up with Jay Bennett and hear how things were going for him. I was not surprised when he told me that he had risen up through the ranks of his network marketing company and has become his company’s #3 money earner. He makes 2 million dollars a year! Despite his success, he called me to recruit me on to his team because his goal is to be #1. Talk about a driven guy! I enjoyed our hour long conversation because we got on a topic we both love to talk about; what it takes to be exceptional. Even though he and I are in very different industries, all the success principles apply to both of us. To summarize our conversation we concluded that reaching high levels of success requires the following; a commitment to excellence, a willingness to be held accountable, and an undeniable thirst for success. He told me that he has built a team of winners, largely by recruiting winners, or recruiting people who want to be winners. He used one of my favorite Lou Holtz sayings, “We don’t motivate. We eliminate the unmotivated”. It sounds extreme, but exceptional success is extreme.

At US Elite we demand alot from our coaches, our parents and our players. The reason is simple; this organization is built on a premise that if we are going to do something, we are going to do it with excellence. Of course, that eventually translates to wins on the field, and scholarships for our players. Our track record in those two categories is among the tops in the country, and we are proud of that. But, the reality is there is a bigger benefit than winning and scholarships. By developing a culture of excellence in our program we are developing winners in life, not just in baseball. The success principles we use are the same that everyone who achieves excellence uses; a commitment to excellence, willingness to be held accountable, and an undeniable thirst for success.

It may not always be obvious why we do things a certain way at US Elite. Sometimes it may even seem like there are so many “rules” or so many assignments. But, that is all by design. We are building our “success muscles”. Some call them our discipline muscles. The reality is success is a mindset and a habit before it is a result. And nearly every successful person I have ever met has developed habits of success. They have a mindset that everything matters.

I want to challenge everyone at US Elite (that includes me, by the way) to embrace the concept that everything matters. Having 100% of our players get their player profile pages set up matters. Having everyone on the team attend events matters. Completing a simple task on a spreadsheet matters. Showing up on time matters. Filling out a Request to Miss form matters. Shaving and looking the part matters. Your player profile page matters. Responding to a texts matters. Having everyone on your team engaged in the community matters.

When you start paying attention to the concept that everything matters you are going to discover something very interesting. You will find that, in reality, only a small % of the general population live their lives that way. Zig Ziglar says there are two kinds of people; Wondering Generalities and Meaningful Specifics. And, not surprisingly, Meaningful Specifics are the leaders and the successful people. Wonder Generalities are followers and not successful. That’s what excites me most about what we are doing at US Elite. We are building a culture of excellence and developing winners. I love sharing the success principles I have learned over 25 years of personal development with our players because I know they will make a HUGE difference in their lives well beyond baseball. Do I love to win baseball games? Of course! But, do I love to see our players growing up to be young men and embracing success principles even more than winning? More than you could imagine.

And by the way, successful people study success. I am following many people on twitter because its easy to follow their success. There is a community of success oriented people on social media and we enjoy sharing ideas, concepts and success stories. If you are on twitter and love this stuff (like I do) follow @Addictd2Success There are great things on there every day. And, one more tip, go read these great quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Copy and paste this url in to your browser.

I would love to hear some of your favorite success quotes.


Mark Helsel

US Elite Baseball National Director