Troy LaNeve Commits to Vanderbilt!

TroyUSETo say the college baseball recruiting process is starting earlier than ever would be an understatement. US Elite’s Troy LaNeve is a perfect example. The 2019 grad (freshman) outfielder from Pine Richland HS (Gibsonia, PA) recently announced his verbal commitment to Head Coach, Tim Corbin and Vanderbilt University. LaNeve is among the elite players in the country as evidenced by Perfect Game recognizing him as the #7 2019 grad player in the United States. US Elite Director, Mark Helsel, says LaNeve is part of a growing trend. “Troy started with us when he was 11 years old and you could see the special talent and makeup even then. He has been training to be an elite level athlete from an early age, and that is how these things happen for a kid who hasn’t even played a game in high school yet. So many young players come into our program these days knowing what they want. They see the Troy LaNeve’s of the world and say, “I want to be like that”. They are getting great training and instruction to make their dreams a reality. Troy is a good example of what happens when you combine God given talent with a well designed plan and lots and lots of hard work”.

TroyTeamLaNeve plays on the US Elite 2018 team, which is nationally ranked by Perfect Game. “Playing for US Elite has helped me so much. The focus of the organization is on development, both on and off the field. Every player has an individual development plan (IDP) and that has really helped me in my training, said LaNeve. We don’t just train what we’re good at. We train everything with equal focus. Several of his teammates have also benefited from a specific approach. Nick Kent (UVA) and Jack Anderson (Northwestern) have already committed to D1 schools. “Our team is so talented. There are so many scouts that watch us play because we have so many prospects on our team. By the end of the summer I think we’ll have alot more players committed to D1 schools”.

LaNeve also credits the US Elite coaches for his success. “I can remember Coach Helsel having a meeting with me when I was 13 and he asked me what my goals were. He then helped me map out a plan to achieve them. That gave me alot of confidence. Coach Anderson, Coach Phillips and Coach Ferber have all been very influential on me”.

Helsel said LaNeve has been a leader and role model in the program since he played in Cooperstown with US Elite when he was 12. “Troy is a humble kid. He is one of the top players in the country, but you would never know that if you talked to him. He’ll talk about his teammates before he talks about himself. He is also a natural leader. Some kids just have the “it” factor, and Troy definitely has it”. Helsel says he thinks Vanderbilt is a good fit for Troy. “I’m proud to say that we have a great relationship with Coach Corbin and Coach Jewett. They run a fantastic program that we (US Elite) actually try to emulate. They did a great job of recruiting Troy and his parents and I’m not surprised in the least that he chose Vandy. He’ll be playing with many of the other top players in the country and I think that will just make Troy even better. He’s a competitor”.

LaNeve said he visited several schools before deciding on Vanderbilt. “Coach Helsel encouraged me to see as many schools as possible before I made a decision. I had some great visits at some great schools and the coaches at those schools were fantastic. But, in the end, you can only choose one and I couldn’t be more excited about my decision”. LaNeve says a weekend visit to Vanderbilt with his family really convinced him to commit.

TroyFamilyWe flew to Nashville on a Friday and I was literally with either the Vanderbilt coaches or players until Sunday afternoon. The visit was so comprehensive. I met so many great people and they were all so welcoming to me, and my family. I could tell my parents were both very impressed, but they did not try to influence me. I can’t single any one thing out about Vanderbilt. Honestly, everything about them is so impressive. I have no reservations about committing this early. Vanderbilt is where I want to be”. LaNeve is also quick to point out the support he has gotten from his family, “I’m very fortunate to have a great family who have supported my dreams. My parents are are so dedicated and so supportive of each of my brothers and sisters. Both of my older brothers (Zac and Cody) were high level players and they have helped me in so many ways. My sister (Allie) is a very positive influence on me, too. Even my younger brother, Christian, pushes me to be better. I’m blessed to have a great family”.

Helsel says the future looks very bright for the young slugger. “It’s not hard to imagine Troy going far in baseball, and ultimately in life. He has the right makeup for success, and the right work ethic to get the most from his God given abilities. He is so grounded that success won’t go to his head. He has big goals and I’m just happy that we can be a part of Troy’s journey”.

“I have loved playing for US Elite. Said LaNeve. I’ve learned much more than just baseball. I watched both of my brothers play here and I couldn’t wait til it was my turn. My dad said it was a privilege that I had to earn. Now, I’m telling my younger brother, Christian, the same thing. We are held to a high standard and we have learned to play for something bigger than ourselves”.