US Elite Expanding to Georgia and Florida

Mark Helsel

US Elite Director, Mark Helsel announced on Monday that the organization will form new teams in Georgia and Florida beginning this fall. Helsel says a new 13U team will form in Georgia this fall under the direction of Robert “Bo” Scott. “Bo is a quality individual with an extensive background in baseball”, said Helsel. “He is the right guy to help us expand our brand to Georgia”. Scott is currently scouting games and organizing a tryout schedule for June and July. Players in Georgia who would like to tryout should complete a Prospect Form on the website.

Under the direction and leadership of James Brady US Elite will begin forming teams in Florida for the 2018 season. A tryout schedule will be posted on the US Elite Baseball website and players can register for a tryout. In the meantime, interested players should complete a Prospect Form.

Helsel says the expansion into Georgia and Florida are part of the organization’s plan to expand nationally. “We have a very well planned and well organized strategy to expand our US Elite brand across the country. We are building a network of quality people to lead the teams. We feel that leadership starts at the top so we are recruiting leaders and they will form teams by recruiting players who align with the core values of the program. In both Georgia and Florida we have identified leaders who share our same vision and passion for baseball and want to help our program make a difference in the lives of players and families. US Elite will bring a brand of baseball to both of those states that will be new and different”. Individuals interested in coaching a US Elite team in Florida or Georgia (or any other state) are encouraged to complete a Coaching application.

Scott, who has coached baseball at all levels, is excited to be the first representative for US Elite in Georgia. “I did my homework. I studied this organization long before I contacted them. What impresses me the most is the reputation they have for quality and class. I asked alot of people in baseball that I respect and they all encouraged me to get involved with this organization. That’s hard to find these days”. Helsel says Scott will be in one of the most baseball talent rich areas in the country. “Georgia is a hotbed for talent and we are excited to offer the people of Georgia a new option. Our model is very different from most and I know it will be well received”.

At the same time, one could argue that Florida is the top state in the country for producing elite level baseball players. “It’s no shocker that we’re fired up about expanding to Florida”, said Helsel. James Brady, who ironically played baseball at Mercer University (Macon, GA), the same school where Helsel played, says Florida needs US Elite. “Florida is known for producing top level talent, year in and year out, said Brady. That is true. However, what we see is that there is a giant opportunity for more player development in Florida. There are elite level teams filled with super talented kids, but there is so much more that can be done and US Elite will offer players and families a unique and quality opportunity that I have not seen yet in Florida”.

Helsel says one of the most significant differences at US Elite Baseball is their commitment to quality. “Our organization is 10 years old. We have laid a solid foundation. We know who we are and we know what our core values are. We don’t stray from that. We are not forming teams just to have more teams. We are recruiting quality players who have above average skills AND who have the talent, desire, character and commitment to play at the next level. Our slogan is “Uncommon Standards”. That is a far reaching mantra that extends well beyond baseball. We care about the development of the person, as much, if not more, than the development of the player. US Elite has standards in the classroom, standards in the community, standards in the dugout and standards as teammates that truly are uncommon in today’s travel ball landscape. People who watch us play notice the difference right away”.

US Elite Baseball had 7 players selected in the 2017 MLB draft and has helped over 200 players move on to college and/or professional baseball in just the last 6 years. See list of commitments HERE