US Elite’s commitments in 2018

Perfect Game just listed the top programs in the country for putting players in college (see below). US Elite is proud to be on that list. However, with fewer teams in our organization than nearly all of the other organizations listed, US Elite may have the highest college placement percentage in the country, with nearly 100% of our graduating players moving on to college. 

Below is a list of US Elite players who committed during the 2018 season and all of them were playing for US Elite when they committed. Beside their name is the number of years they have played in the US Elite organization. 

Dane Armson, Richmond, (2020 grad) (5 years)
Sal Stewart, Vanderbilt, (2022 grad) (3 years)

Ayden Edwards, ECU, (2021 grad)
Christian Williams, TCU, (2020 grad) (3 years)
Dom Dinoto, Army, (2020 grad) (2 years)
Carter Brady, Charleston Southern, (2020 grad) (3 years)
Bobby Marsh, Florida Atlantic (2021 grad) (4 years)
Reece Early, Navy (2019 grad) (2 years)
Nate Hodgkinson, Shepherd University (2019 grad) (3 years)
Zack Hynes, East Stroudsburg University (2019 grad) (1 year)
Nick Ortega, Mary Washington University (2019 grad) (1 year)
Gabe Phillips, Army West Point, (2019 grad) (4 years)
Ben Greenspon, William and Mary (2019 Grad) (5 years)
Solomon Canada, Northeastern (2019 Grad) (3 years)
Hunter Fitzgerald, Florida Southern, (2019 Grad) (1 year)
JD Armstrong, Highpoint (2019 Grad) (1 year)
Jake Campbell, Lenior Rhyne (2019 grad) (1 year)
Cole Young, Duke (2022 Grad) (3 years)
Nate Burton, U. of Mary Washington (2019 Grad) (1 year)
Tyler Roche, St. Johns (2020 Grad) (1 year)
Julian Bailey, Queens University (2019 Grad) (4 years)
Gabe Cabrera, UCF (2019 grad) (1 year)
Tayven Kelley, Penn State (2019 Grad) (3 years)
Tripp Breen, St. Bonaventure (2019 Grad) (1 year)
CJ Czerwinski, College of Charleston (2019 Grad) (1 year)
Tristen Locket, Shepherd University (2019 Grad) (1 year)
Jose Torres, NC State (2019 Grad) (2 years)
Tyler Bittersdorf, Harford CC (2019 Grad) (2 years)
Ethan Hickson, Army West Point (2020 Grad) (2 years)
Dylan Seisky, Lafayette, (2019 Grad) (1 year)
Aaron Groller, Seton Hall (2019 Grad) (2 years)
Adam Fine, St. Joseph’s (2019 Grad) (2 years)
Connor Pennell, Christopher Newport (2019 Grad) (1 year)
Magdiel Cotto, South Carolina (2020 Grad) (1 year)
Hayden Skipper, Louisville (2020 Grad) (1 event)
Jacob Hensor, Miami (OH) (2020 Grad) (3 years)
Nate Nabholz, East Carolina (2019 Grad) (3 years)
Cam Hubbard, Lehigh (2019 Grad) (4 years)

2018 MLB Draft
Brett Kinneman, 7th Round, Pirates (4 years)
Nick Dunn, 5th Round, Cardinals (2 years)
Niko Hulsizer, 18th round, Dodgers (3 years)
Mason Ronan, 29th round, Red Sox (5 years)
Kyle Datres, 12th round, Rockies (3 years)