Virginia Tech Lands Another US Elite Player. AJ Holcomb to the Hokies

holcomb4US Elite players like the ACC. Just ask 2018 Corner Infielder, AJ Holcomb. “I have always loved Virginia Tech, said Holcomb, The thought of playing in the ACC is so exciting. It’s one of the best conferences in the country and it will be a great challenge. I am really just humbled by all this”. Holcomb joined a long list of US Elite players who have moved on to college to play in the ACC and specifically, Virginia Tech.

US Elite 2018’s head coach, Matt LaNeve, thinks Virginia Tech got a good one. “AJ can flat out rake. He has a knack for getting the barrel to the ball. He is going to be an impact bat at Virginia Tech early in his career. Besides that, he’s a fantastic kid. He is exactly the kind of player we want here at US Elite”.

Holcomb’s story is inspirational and a great example of how belief and hard work pay off. “I was never the biggest, strongest or best player on my team. In fact, when I first started with US Elite I was pretty small. I actually didn’t make the team after I played with them. That really motivated me. I worked hard to get to that level and I’m very appreciative that they invited me back to the program”.holcomb2

US Elite Director, Mark Helsel remembers, “AJ’s story should be a great reminder to everyone that all we can do is control what we can control. AJ was a small kid when he first came to us and he may not have been physically ready for this level early in his career. He didn’t mature early, like some kids do. His success is a testament to his work ethic and perseverance. It’s also a good example of how we cannot always predict outcomes at early ages. Who could have predicted that he would be 6’2”/195 lbs? What I like most about AJ’s story is how he quietly just stayed focused on development. He didn’t get caught up in player rankings, or which team he was on, or what other players were doing”.

Holcomb is humble and grateful, “I want to thank Jason Aspito at Backyard University. He has helped me so much, especially my hitting and the mental approach to hitting”. For the last two years Holcomb has played on LaNeve’s 2018’s and says that has been a great experience. “Coach LaNeve is a great coach. He gives good instruction and he has an effective way of pushing you up to another level. The guys on the team are all great, too. They are super talented and competitive, but in a good way. Everyone wants to help each other. We don’t have any prima donnas on this team”.

holcomb3Holcomb says Virginia Tech offers everything he wants. “First off, it’s a great academic institution. My major is very specific and important to me. The campus is great. The coaches and players were very friendly and made me feel welcome. It’s my dream school”.

Holcomb will join former US Elite player, Culver Hughes, at VT, who is currently a sophomore RHP. Zach Kokoska and August Samek are two 2017’s grads from US Elite who will be one year ahead of Holcomb. US Elite alum, Saige Jenco, graduated for VT last year and was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers. “We have a great relationship with VT and our program has been a pipeline to them, said Helsel.