Vought Chooses Maryland

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Vought (right) joins teammates Alexander Tappen (left) and Brian Morrell (center) as the third player on his team to commit to a major D1 program.

Despite being only a sophomore, Justin Vought played on a very big stage at the Perfect Game World Championships in Jupiter last October (2014).  That event is the most heavily attended event in the country for pro scouts. It would be normal for a young player (especially a catcher) to be a little nervous on such a huge stage. But, not Justin Vought. He played with poise and confidence and soaked it all in. “I think that event really gave me a lot of confidence. Coach Helsel believed in me enough to invite me to play in Jupiter with a team made up of almost all D1 committed seniors. I figured I may as well play loose and have fun”.  And that’s what he did, said Helsel. “I had a pro scout tell me “that’s what a MLB catcher looks like when he’s 15 years old”. I knew then that Justin had a bright future in baseball. Less than one year later Vought chose to accept a scholarship offer to the University of Maryland.

“Maryland is everything I want in a school. I love the campus, the coaches have been great and their baseball program is one of the best in the country. I want to help them win the Big Ten Championship every year and I want to help them get to Omaha”.

Helsel says the sky is the limit for the talented young catcher. “He has a tremendous work ethic. Last year we introduced him to catcher instructor, Chris Reyes (CatcherMtrx). Justin worked his butt off all off season. He showed up this summer with advanced level catching skills. He also added almost 20 lbs of muscle to his frame. He’s now 6’2”/195 lbs. He could be catching D1 pitching right now. That’s how good he is. He also has a plus arm. His catch and throw mechanics are so smooth. The ball just comes out of his hand perfectly”.

Vought was quick to point out that playing in the US Elite organization was the right choice for him. “There are lots of travel programs out there, but none of them do it the way US Elite does it. I did my research and I knew I wanted to play for US Elite. My dad drove me all the way to Altoona to have a one on one workout with Coach Helsel at Blair County Ballpark. Coach Helsel invited me to play for Coach Capaldi’s 2017 team and I have really enjoyed playing on his team”.