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Mark Helsel

US Elite National Director

Last night I watched NC State play UNC on ESPNU. 3 US Elite alum were in that game. Brett Kinneman, for NC State and Kyle Datres and Joey Lancellotti for UNC. Its so rewarding for me to see our former players doing so well at the next level. During the game, Coach Ferber was texting me. He was in Florida watching former US Elite player, Travis Blankenhorn, play in a high A game for the Minnesota Twins. Tonight I will be in Charlottesville, VA to watch Liberty play UVA. Alex Tappen is a former US Elite player and a freshman starting at UVA. Logan Mathieu is a freshman starting for Liberty. That's going to be fun to watch. So, what's the point?

The point is this, US Elite has one of the best track records in the country for developing players for the next level. Certainly, we recruit talented players, but I am certain that ALL of the players playing and succeeding at the next level would tell you that the disciplines they experienced while playing for US Elite helped prepare them for success at the next level. I am proud of the reputation we have. I'm glad that we have have become a program known for "UNCOMMON STANDARDS". It's what sets us apart from the masses.

My message to ALL of our players is to EMBRACE the culture at US Elite. Be proud of the standards. Understand that the players who came before you set those standards for you to follow. They paved the way for you. In many ways, they made it easier for you to get recruited. College coaches all across the country know what US Elite stands for. They know the type of players we produce every single year. The top programs in the country love what we are doing at US Elite. We are "grooming" the next Brett Kinnemans and the next Kyle Datres.