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“30 In 30 Tour” Shows US Elite’s commitment to building relationships with college coaches

Mark Helsel

US Elite National Director

When US Elite National Director pulls out of his driveway in Pennsylvania on Jan. 15th he will begin an amazing road trip to Florida. During his journey he will visit the coaching staffs of 30 different universities in 30 days (one each day). He is calling it the “30 in 30 Tour” and he plans to document the journey using several social media outlets, and two national brands. The idea came from his continued commitment to strengthen the relationships between US Elite and many of the top collegiate baseball programs across the country.

“First off, ‘kudos’ to my wife, Dotty, who supports this crazy idea. Let’s be real, I am leaving cold, windy, snowy ‘PA’ for a road trip to FL. That’s not a bad thing to do in January. But, without the support of my wife, I could not go on the road like this for over a month. Secondly, I want to give a huge ‘shout out’ to all of the coaching staffs who are welcoming me to their school and taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with me. That speaks volumes on behalf of their commitment to building a meaningful relationship with US Elite Baseball. We are humbled and grateful for that,” said Mark Helsel, the US Elite Director.

Over the last 13 years, US Elite has assisted over 400 players achieve their goals of playing collegiate baseball. Many of those players have gone to the universities Helsel will be visiting on his tour. “We have worked diligently to build strong relationships with many of the college programs I will be visiting. Like most things in life, it comes down to personal relationships built on trust, respect, integrity and honesty. At the same time, our players have done a great job building credibility for the program by transitioning from high school to college in a very mature way. We take pride in holding our players (and parents) to standards similar to what they will experience at the collegiate level. Most of these college coaches know how we ‘groom’ our players for them, but I am enthusiastic to sit down with them and give them an even better understanding of the types of things we do to prepare our players for college baseball. Of course, it’s also a great opportunity for me to learn more about their program, and specifically what they are looking for in players. This is a classic ‘win-win’ situation”.

Helsel’s tour will begin in Central PA where he will meeting with Bucknell, Penn State and Pittsburgh. “It’s only fitting that I begin my trip with programs that were a big part of our humble beginnings in 2006. We got our start 13 years ago because great schools and great people in our area embraced our program. Needless to say, we have wonderful relationships with schools in this part of the country.”

US Elite has grown to one of the most respected programs in the country and has players playing in nearly every collegiate conference. “One of our goals at US Elite is to be a trusted source of talented players for schools all over the country. I’m hoping this first tour is successful so I can schedule similar tours in different parts of the country. I would love to do a tour out west, as well as through the deep south and the midwest. Who knows where this may lead.”

Helsel has strategically mapped out the tour from a geographic standpoint. He will make his way a little further south each day. Not coincidentally, Helsel’s tour will end at UCF just in time for the opening weekend of the college baseball season. “My son, Zack, is a pitcher for UCF and my plan is to make UCF my last stop on this tour, and then relax a little and watch his team play opening weekend.”

Helsel said he has incorporated a few other interesting components to his trip. “I use Airbnb all the time for my lodging when I’m on the road, and I actually love the concept of people opening their homes to help travelers like me and meeting so many great people. So, I plan to stay almost exclusively at Airbnb homes on my trip. It’s fun, and it will save me a lot of money.

At the same time, I am doing a 30 Day Challenge using Isagenix Wellness Products as my primary source of nutrition. For 30 days straight I will consume two Isagenix shakes, walk 15,000 steps (documented by my Fitbit) and eat one sensible meal each evening. The 30 Day Challenge is also part of our commitment at US Elite to take our health and wellness seriously. I will be introducing Isagenix products at our Kickoff Dinner in December as the Official Sports Performance and Wellness products of US Elite Baseball.”

The 30 in 30 Tour Schedule


  • 15 - Bucknell
  • 16 - Penn State
  • 17 - Pitt
  • 18 - WVU
  • 19 - Maryland
  • 20 - Navy
  • 21 - JMU
  • 22 - UVA
  • 23 - Liberty
  • 24 - Virginia Tech
  • 25 - NC State
  • 26 - Duke
  • 27 - Barton College
  • 28 - ECU
  • 29 - Wake Forest
  • 30 - UNCW
  • 31 - Coastal Carolina


  • 1 - South Carolina
  • 2 - UGA
  • 3 - Georgia Tech
  • 4 - TBA
  • 5 - TBA
  • 6 - Mercer
  • 7 - Alabama
  • 8 - Auburn
  • 9 - TBA
  • 11 - Jacksonville
  • 12 - North Florida
  • 13 - Stetson
  • 14 - UCF
  • 20 - U. of Miami