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Former pro player and facility owner team up in Maryland

Mark Helsel

US Elite National Director

Bill Goudy is a high school coach at one of the top private schools in the state of Maryland, and he owns and operates Absolute Sports Performance (ASP) in Bel Air, MD. Ben Pierce pitched professionally for 5 years and also is the pitching coach for the same private school in Maryland. US Elite Director, Mark Helsel, says he is ecstatic with landing two quality men to lead his organization’s expansion in to the state of Maryland. Pierce and Goudy accepted the position of a State Director partnership for US Elite Baseball and are already off to a very promising start.

“The response has been incredible, said Goudy. US Elite has never wavered from their brand of Uncommon Standards, and the people in Maryland are ready for this. If you look at the state of Maryland, no program has truly established itself as the “go to” program. There are alot of programs, but nobody has set themselves apart. US Elite is a nationally respected program, and has a proven formula for developing kids, and helping them get on to the next level. Our goal is to help US Elite become that program in Maryland”. “The opportunities presented by wearing those US Elite Colors are Incredible”.

Pierce, will coach the 2022 team this summer, and also has a son playing in the organization, says the timing is right. “I’m old school, said Pierce. Baseball is a game of respect. It’s a game of class and dignity. I feel compelled to give back to this game because it has given so much to me. I want to keep the traditions alive, and the respect in this game. I feel like some of travel ball has influenced our younger generation in some ways that are not good for the game. US Elite stands for everything I stand for, and they have proven over 13 years that it’s not just lip service. They have been committed to their ideals, so it was easy for me to want to be a part of that”.

US Elite teams are already forming in Maryland. By the fall, US Elite/MD expects to have 12 teams in place. “The key to success with our model is strong leadership. We’re not really looking for just coaches, explains Helsel. We’re looking for role models. We’re looking for influencers. We want guys with a passion to impact young men through the game of baseball”. Goudy agrees, “We have already attracted some fantastic men to coach our teams. We couldn’t be more excited about this endeavor”.