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DiamondZoft Sports Management Software. Impossible...til now!

Mark Helsel

US Elite National Director

US Elite National Director, Mark Helsel, knows a thing or two about the difference having the right software platform can make when trying to manage and grow a company. In 2001 he had a few ideas he felt could solve some problems for network marketing professionals. Within a few short years he and a partner had built a multi million dollar a year company, servicing thousands of customers. He credits the custom software program that was built specifically for him by a small firm in Pennsylvania for his company’s success. “An idea is only has good as the execution to bring it to fruition. There are a lot of good ideas that never materialize because the implementation never happens," said Helsel.

It appears as though history is repeating itself, as Helsel has taken some creative ideas to the same software engineers and they have built a custom platform for Helsel’s US Elite organization. It's called DiamondZoft Sports Management Software.

Helsel spearheaded the initial planning phase and gave the the developers direction on what features were needed. From there, they designed the platform and functionality that Helsel is using to manage and grow US Elite Baseball. "I researched every sports management software program out there. Most of them were very "cookie-cutter-like", rigid and restrictive. I had ten very specific features I needed for US Elite and I couldn’t find even one company that could do any of them". That’s when Helsel went back to his software engineer friends and the rest is, as they say, history!

True to form, Helsel’s developers delivered big time. “In my experience, these guys are the best in the business. They are never intimidated or overwhelmed by my ideas. They just bring them to life, and usually way better than what I had imagined. Most people have no idea how all this stuff gets created, but it's some very, very smart people who know how to do this kind of work. In many ways, they speak a different language. It’s also incredibly expensive, which is why so few youth sports organizations have anything custom”.

Helsel says US Elite has grown rapidly, and managed its growth with almost no challenges. He’s also been able to keep his staff extremely small a very small because of the efficiency of DZ Software. Just a few years ago US Elite had only 12 teams. In 2020 the organization will have over 100 teams, spread out all over the country. Helsel says there are two main reasons for that type of growth. “Our Uncommon Standards culture is very attractive to a lot of people. More and more people want to be a part of a culture that genuinely cares about the whole person, not just a baseball player. We have definitely created that culture at US Elite. The second reason is DZ software. It has given us the ability to do things that no other organization in the country can do. Simply put, we can offer more value and professionalism to our coaches, players and families because of it. They are getting a very high quality experience that many programs simply can’t deliver.

From a business standpoint, Helsel says the organization is running very smoothly. “We are able to stay organized and be efficient. Because we are organized, our families are relaxed and enjoying this experience. When the developers asked me to help them come up with a slogan for DZ it didn’t take me long to describe it, “Impossible...til now! That sums it up. We can do things that, up until recently, were simply impossible”.

Helsel said that although the software was created exclusively for US Elite there may come a day when other programs can use it. “I don’t want to limit the developers ability to grow their own business with this software, so when they asked me if I could introduce them to other programs who might benefit from it, I definitely gave them some names”. Anyone reading this article who feels DZ might be something that could benefit their organization should complete an Evaluation Form. “If DiamondZoft feels like they are a qualified candidate, I’m sure they will contact the person. For a lot of organizations, it’s the difference between good and great”.

Features and Benefits of DiamondZoft

Back Office Dashboard
Every player, parent, and coach has their own dashboard with links to many areas to assist them.
Every member of DZ has an inbox messaging system with access to everyone in the entire system. Email is nearly obsolete at US Elite, replaced by real time, web based communications.
Player Profile Page
Every player in the US Elite program has his own customizable Player Profile Page, where he can upload contact info, evaluations numbers and videos.
Video Training Series
A series of video trainings is available to every player, coach, and parent in the program. It is a requirement to complete the course to participate at US Elite.
US Elite can invite coaches to the program with one click of the mouse. Coaches can invite players the same way. It's all attached to registration by team, and all automated.
Form Builder
Coaches can create forms and registrations for many purposes. Data collection is easy. They can even attach revenue collection to the form. Tryouts, camps, and clinics are very simple to create.
All billing is automated and done by credit/debit card. Parents can pay in full or set up payments. This automated and sophisticated billing system makes collecting money very simple and easy.
Roster Builder
Players accepting their roster spot via the automated invitation they recieved creates the roster and publicizes it on the public website.
Budget Creator
US Elite coaches use DZ's proprietary software to enter their team's budget numbers, which creates player fees. All US Elite teams are 100% assured to have player fees that work for everyone involved.
Financial records are all easily displayed in DZ. Every team is treated as a "mini franchise". Financial "buckets" keep track of where every penny goes. Coaches has access to their team's financial records.
US Elite communicates easily with anyone and everyone in the program using SMS texting software.
College Commitments
One of the big draws to playing for US Elite is the incredibly high percentage of players who move on to college or pro baseball. DZ automates the process of showing those success stories on the public website.
Articles and News
An entire section of the public website is devoted to sharing interesting and helpful articles. It's very simple to upload articles to the website.
Communication Hub
An online communication "Hub" is US Elite's own version of a private online community. Tons of information is shared in the Hub.
US Elite software engineers have not released it yet, but sometime in 2020 US Elite will launch its own app.
College Coach Access
College coaches get a free account at US Elite and have access to the players' information.
Instructional Training Modules
US Elite's National Development Team utilizes US Elite TV to help train players. It's all housed in the DZ system.
Lead Generation
Since creating forms is so easy in DZ, recruiting new players, coaches, and state directors through online and social media marketing is also easy. "Leads" complete an online webform and that data is then easily routed and delivered to the appropriate recipient.
Email autoresponders
As the saying goes, "The fortune is in the follow up". With this business truth in mind, when a prospect completes an online webform a series of emails is triggered. Prospects can be "dripped on" for an indefinite period of time. This feature is absolutely a must to maximize the potential of any marketing efforts.
Support Ticket System
Helping people is a breeze with the DZ support ticket system. Users simply click on New Support Ticket and pick a category and that is automatically transferred to the person who can help. A "thread" is created to document everything that was said.
DZ gives US Elite that ability to create official documents and contracts. In today's litigious culture it's imperative to have everything documented and official.
Dynamic Public Website
US Elite players, parents, coaches, and staff are able to enter data through their back office/dashboard and that information will display on the public website.