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US Elite Partner Program Designed to Build Relationships

Mark Helsel

US Elite National Director

In the uber competitive world of youth sports many top national baseball programs have damaged relationships and image with local and regional programs by aggressively recruiting their top players. The local and regional programs can be devastated by it, and left with a very sour taste in their mouth. Said one regional program director, “Every year we lose a kid or two to a bigger program. It’s frustrating. You work hard to help a kid since he was 8 years old and then some bigger program promises him the moon and he leaves you for greener pastures. It stings when that happens”.

US Elite Founder and National Director, Mark Helsel, knows the feeling well. “I can remember when we were a small program, just getting started. We had some really talented kids who got recruited out of our program by bigger, more established programs. It really hurt our program early on”. Helsel says he has never forgotten that feeling and says he believes there is a much more cooperative model to offer local and travel programs. He says it’s a win/win model, not a win/lose mode.

Instead of recruiting players out of those programs, Helsel says US Elite trives to work with them, and help them. “It's hard to blame a talented kid who just wants the best opportunity for himself. It is true; many times, the smaller programs can’t offer him what the bigger programs can so he jumps ship. So, instead of just recruiting players out of those programs for US Elite, we try our best to work with the smaller programs, and open doors, and opportunities, for their top players, as well as their teams. Helsel says there alot of ways US Elite can help smaller programs, and it’s not even limited to just helping the players, US Elite has found ways to help the administrative side of things for the smaller programs.

US Elite has created three levels of partnership. Helsel believes it solves a lot of problems with players leaving the smaller programs.

Benefits of partnering with US Elite Baseball (options 1 and 2)

  1. Align your program with a nationally respected name brand
  2. Gain access to US Elite’s massive list of college coaches
  3. Participate in many of the top invite only events, including CPS
  4. Run your program on a custom software platform, unmatched in the industry
  5. Run your program more efficiently and with much less stress and work
  6. Share assets with US Elite

Option ONE - “Play as US Elite, All In”
This option is for teams or programs who are interested in actually playing as US Elite.

  • DiamondZoft Software
  • US Elite app
  • Brand Recognition
  • College Coach Database
  • College Prospect Series participation (option)
  • Player Profile Pages with (Play in School Video)
  • IDP Software (Individual Development Plan)
  • Blast Motion
  • InnerPro App
  • Online webstore (uniforms/fan gear)
  • Video Training Series
  • Access to National Training Team
  • Sharing of Players
  • US Elite event participation

Option TWO - “Partner Program, Keep your Name and Brand”
This option is perfect for teams or programs who want to keep their team name/brand, but want to work with US Elite and benefit from the features listed below.

  • Private labeled DiamondZoft Software-Discounted pricing
  • Private labeled Custom Public Website-Discounted pricing
  • College Prospect Series participation
  • Opportunities for Players to play with US Elite at certain events
  • Your private labeled App
  • Your own webstore (uniforms/fan gear) Optional.

Option THREE - “Website/Software Only”
This is for larger programs who only need the same custom software program that US Elite uses. US Elite must refer the program to the DiamondZoft Sports Management Software.

  • Private labeled DiamondZoft Software
  • Private labeled Optimized Public Website
  • Your own webstore (uniforms/fan gear) Optional.
  • Your own private labeled App

Click here if interested in any option