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US Elite’s Statement to coaches, players and parents on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Mark Helsel

US Elite National Director

Since 2006, US Elite Baseball has been helping players and families navigate through the journey of amatuer baseball. As an organization, we have encountered many unique situations, and faced plenty of adversity. We have taken on challenges that some labeled as “insurmountable”. We have done things that many said were impossible. In other words, if you know anything about US Elite Baseball, you know that we do not recognize the word “insurmountable”. As the late, great Steve Jobs once said, “We have no respect for the status quo.”

Instead, we triumph over everything that comes our way, and suffice it to say, we will do the same with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please read on, as we communicate how US Elite will navigate through this volatile and uncertain time.

US Elite Baseball has always maintained that baseball is not our life. It is just an important part of our life. Our health, our families, and our overall well being is our life. So, for an undetermined amount of time, an important part of our life will be affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Organizations like Perfect Game, PBR, and USA Baseball will be making some changes that will limit or totally prevent us from following the schedules that we have set forth. We totally respect their decisions, and will follow the lead of many other organizations. As the saying goes, “we are all in this together.”

From a practical standpoint, we will not be able to play games, or attend tournaments, but we can still train as individuals at our homes. We will not be able to gather in person, but we can still have conference calls and webinars. We may not be able to go to school, but we can still learn from home. In other words, the show must go on,, but it is just a slightly different show for the time being. US Elite will focus on what we can do instead of what we cannot do in the coming days, weeks, and most likely months. As improbable as it may seem, there are plenty of things we still can do.

US Elite will maintain a strong personal connection with our players and families, albeit through technology, not in person. Believe it or not, we have some very unique and innovative ideas to share with you, even some friendly competitions for our teams, and individuals. Surprise, surprise...US Elite is out of the box again on this one! Please be watching for a scheduled webinar in the next week or so where we will outline our plans. As some alarmists may want you to believe, we are not isolated and quarantined from the world in every way. Technology is on our side on this one (you will see). We will use this time wisely and make it a productive time. We are not minimizing the severity of the situation, but we will turn lemons into lemonade. Our belief is the way to navigate this period is to find ways to be productive, not become idle and complacent. Our goals as an organization and for our individual players will not be altered or deterred because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are optimists at US Elite. We believe good overcomes evil. We believe in our country, and the experts who are fighting this battle on the front lines. We are 100% confident that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will be defeated, sooner rather than later. When we have won this battle, we will once again get back to the game we love so much. In the meantime, we must all work together as a cohesive unit. As individuals we must do our part in every way. We must follow the directions and advice of the experts. We must use common sense and keep things in perspective. Baseball is an important part of our life, but it is not our life.

Please know that we truly love our players, coaches, and parents. First and foremost, we want everyone to stay positive and stay healthy. US Elite is here for the long haul and we will be ready to resume our schedules when that day comes. From a big picture standpoint, NOTHING has changed. In the meantime, we still have work to do. We will be communicating with you very soon, and making some exciting announcements.

Respectfully and prayerfully,

Mark Helsel
Founder, National Director, US Elite Baseball