State Director/Ambassador Opportunity - "Do What You Love"

Nov 10, 2022

One of the goals for our program has always been to create opportunities for people who have caught the vision for what US Elite is all about. Obviously, we have done that for our players by developing them properly, and then providing exposure for them, and helping them move on to the next level of their career. The State Director/Ambassador is a career opportunity for adults who want to make baseball their full time occupation”.

The new position within the company known as State Director/Ambassador. The position is for individuals who would like to own the non- exclusive rights to US Elite Baseball in their state. Responsibilities of the position include recruiting and hiring new US Elite coaches, who will, in turn, form new US Elite teams. Additional responsibilities include overseeing the teams, making sure the teams are strictly adhering to the Uncommon Standards that has become the foundation of the US Elite program. State Directors/Ambassadors will also be involved with tryouts, player evaluations, camps, showcases, US Elite tournaments and special events.

Individuals interested in being a State Directors/Ambassador should apply HERE. Please indicate in the comments section of the form that you are interested in a State Directorship. Again, this is NOT a job opportunity and a financial commitment to purchase the exclusive rights to a particular state is required.