Cannon Gardner #74


College Commitment N/A
Height 6' 4"
Weight 164 lb
First Position RHP
Second Position CINF
Bat Right
Throw Right

Player Stats

Ball Exit: 84
Velo From INF: 82
Velo From OF: N/A
Pitcher Top FB Velo: 78
Pitcher Average FB Velo: 74
60 Time: 7.20
40 Time: 3.90
Shuttle: 4.00
Spin Rate FB: 2100
Spin Rate CB: 2000
Pop Time: N/A
Standing Broad Jump: 8.17
Vertical Leap: N/A
10lb Medium Ball: N/A
Push-Ups In 1 Minute: N/A
Pull-Ups In 1 Minute: N/A

Blast Metrics: 1 Month Averages

Blast Bat Speed: N/A
Blast On Plane Efficiency: N/A
Blast Rotational Acceleration: N/A
Blast Attack Angle: N/A


High School Head Coach: Gabriel Brown
US Elite Head Coach: (None)
US Elite Team: (None)


High School: Smithfield-Selma High School
High School Graduation Year: 2020
High School GPA: 3.00
High School SAT: 1000
High School ACT: 23
College Choices: Coastal Carolina University
East Carolina University
NC State University
Appalachian State University
UNC Asheville
Marshall University
Methodist University
Elon University
Barton College

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Player Statement

Baseball thinking is medieval. The game I play changes with each inning, pitch and ball hit. In order to adapt to this game we must become students and in order to become students we must adapt to the thinking, which brings up the question, what is the baseball way of thinking? Truthfully, no one knows what baseball thinking really is at its core, is it knowing what pitch to throw and when to throw it? Is it knowing when and when not to swing? Or perhaps is it simply knowing the techniques and mechanics of the game? The thinking is what each and every player decides for themselves, but one thing is for certain, in this sense, no two players will ever think alike. Baseball is a game where a team can be up 8-0 in the 6th and lose that very same game 8-9 in the 7th. The game and mindset of players can change with every pitch, this game is unpredictable in the most volatile way. In order to overcome these changes in the game we must adapt to the thinking, not the thinking of other players, analytic personnel or even other coaches, but the thinking we do within our selves. The thinking of a pitcher when the game is on the line and the thinking of the same batter that pitcher is pitching to. These mindsets will never be the same and will always change every minute they are on the field. Students of the game will continue to be just that, students, for there is no greater purpose of a student than to learn and baseball is game where learning, is just the beginning.

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