Dalton Ferriss #8


College Commitment N/A
Height 6' 1"
Weight 164 lb
First Position RHP
Second Position OF
Bat Right
Throw Right

Contact Information

Street Address: 4554 Valley Creek Rd.
City: Elizabethtown
State: Kentucky
Zip Code: 42701
Phone: 2703009913
Email: Beastfromeast24@gmail.com

Player Stats

Ball Exit: N/A
Velo From INF: N/A
Velo From OF: N/A
Pitcher Top FB Velo: N/A
Pitcher Average FB Velo: N/A
60 Time: 8.03
40 Time: N/A
Shuttle: N/A
Spin Rate FB: N/A
Spin Rate CB: N/A
Pop Time: N/A
Standing Broad Jump: N/A
Vertical Leap: N/A
10lb Medium Ball: N/A
Push-Ups In 1 Minute: 50
Pull-Ups In 1 Minute: N/A

Blast Metrics: 1 Month Averages

Blast Bat Speed: N/A
Blast On Plane Efficiency: N/A
Blast Rotational Acceleration: N/A
Blast Attack Angle: N/A


High School Head Coach: N/A
DiamondZoft Head Coach: (None)
DiamondZoft Team: (None)


High School: Central Hardin High School
High School Graduation Year: 2023
High School GPA: 4.00
High School SAT: N/A
High School ACT: N/A
College Choices: Vanderbilt, Alabama, Ole Miss, Louisville, LSU, Texas A&M, UCLA, Texas Tech, Florida State

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Player Statement

As I only just finished my freshman year of high school, my goal is to play college baseball. My hard work and dedication will definitely be a huge factor in helping me do so. But my hard work and dedication isn’t just shown on the field, I apply it to work that is to be done off the field, any work I have to do at home, and to my school work that is to be done in class. Although I am mostly recognized as a pitcher, I have played every position on the field at some point and time, and will try my hardest to do my best at any position any coach will put me in to benefit my team to help us win. I always try my hardest to keep my head up, and to keep a positive additive at all times to make sure no negative energy will be passed off to my team, and make sure that no other player is to be passing off negative energy, and to lift them up as quick as I can so they can get back up and play to the best of their abilities.

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