Kolten Moyer #3


College Commitment Lesley University
Height 5' 10"
Weight 173 lb
First Position MIF
Second Position RHP
Bat Right
Throw Right

Player Stats

Ball Exit: N/A
Velo From INF: 81
Velo From OF: 82
Pitcher Top FB Velo: 83
Pitcher Average FB Velo: 80
60 Time: 7.10
40 Time: N/A
Shuttle: N/A
Spin Rate FB: N/A
Spin Rate CB: N/A
Pop Time: N/A
Standing Broad Jump: N/A
Vertical Leap: N/A
10lb Medium Ball: N/A
Push-Ups In 1 Minute: N/A
Pull-Ups In 1 Minute: N/A

Blast Metrics: 1 Month Averages

Blast Bat Speed: N/A
Blast On Plane Efficiency: N/A
Blast Rotational Acceleration: N/A
Blast Attack Angle: N/A


High School Head Coach: Kenneth Harrison
US Elite Baseball Head Coach: Curtis Wyers
US Elite Baseball Team: 2022/New Jersey/Wyers


High School: Hopewell Valley Central High School
High School Graduation Year: 2022
High School GPA: 3.73
High School SAT: N/A
High School ACT: N/A
College Choices: West Chester University
Lesley University
Bentley University
Eastern University

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Player Statement

Dear Coaches,

I have been playing the game of baseball for almost 10 years, and it has taught me many great things but the following has always stuck with me. Every day when you get up, you make a choice. YOU make that choice to get up early go to work or school, and you make a choice to give it you're all. Life is a very precious thing, and what you do with yours is 100% up to you. Yes, life circumstances can affect your way of living and the access you have, but if you truly love something, nothing will stop you, absolutely nothing from reaching that goal. Baseball has helped teach me this because I have been far from naturally gifted when it comes to talent in baseball, and I am still far from my peak. Baseball has made me work for everything, playing time, skill, and most importantly respect. When you join a new team whether it's school or travel, you have to earn the respect from everyone. Now respect is a small word with a very broad meaning. Respect does not mean necessarily being the star of the team, or making the flashy plays, but doing the little things. Respecting the tee work, doing the reps, and loving the pain that comes with the work ethic. When you earn respect, you are apart of the family, you will go out with your brothers on the field and you will lose and win with your brothers out on the field. That is just one of the life lessons that baseball has taught me.

I am a well-rounded young man who has learned a lot about life, and I am eager to continue. I am a two-sport varsity athlete in Baseball and Winter track taking multiple honors and AP classes with a 3.73 GPA at Hopewell Valley Central High-School in Pennington NJ. I take part in a few clubs, such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I help the Special Olympic kids at my school and take part as a Student Ambassador. I also volunteer for Meals On Wheels a program for the elders in the Trenton community throughout Trenton, NJ. We deliver food in the summer to elders who can't cook or go shopping for themselves. It fills my heart to help those in my community because I can either help ease the difficulty to do something they can't, or provide something that they are missing. At one point in time, I was missing essentials too, and it crushes me to see the number of people who cant aid themselves in this world.

I aspire to study business and finance at a University that chooses to have me as apart of their family. Business is a wide world that opens the doors to a future of success in helping others while securing your future as well. I believe that having a strong foundation and consistency is the key to success. I want the University or college that chooses me to be my foundation for my future, one that gives me access to amazing education and allowing me to join their family on the diamond as wel.


Kolten Moyer

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