We have SIX very specific goals for our Shining Star Youth camp program: 

  • Teach young athletes fundamentals and advanced aspects of baseball/softball 

  • Instill and maintain the joy of playing a sport

  • Prepare our young people to become a successful student-athlete

  • Develop life skills throughout the journey

  • Support each parent’s goal of raising an upstanding son or daughter

  • Educate and assist parents throughout the journey of youth sports from 6U-18U 


Becoming a Shining Star Member is EASY! 

Club Membership Details

*2020 Membership $249 (Attend up to 8 camps at no extra charge) 

Membership ends on 12/31/2020

Club Members receive: 

  • Access to ALL camps (any state) at no additional charge ($500 value)

  • Dri Fit Shirt to wear to camps ($20 value)

  • US Elite Star hat

  • Shining Star Helmet to wear to camps ($40 value)

  • Shining Star Participation Star Stickers (for helmets)

  • Access to US Elite Online Trainings

  • Access to US Elite Fan Gear Store 

  • Personalized Player Profile Page (with video capability) 

  • No charge to attend US Elite team tryouts 

  • Advanced notifications of special events and opportunities

  • Attendance to (3) camps qualifies for National Youth Camp

*A one time technology set up fee of $49 applies

Shining Star Camp Overview

Shining Star camps are designed to be fun, interactive, informative and action packed. Various stations are set up and campers rotate from station to station throughout the day. 

What’s being taught at Shining Star camps?

Dynamic warm up, Hitting, pitching, defense, baserunning, baseball IQ, drills, games, competition, communication skills, sports performance and athletic testing measurables. In addition to sports training, we are weaving life skills training in to our camps such as; respect, academics, disciplines, communication skills, preparation, dedication, goal setting, punctuality, commitment, honesty, accountability and integrity. 

Why now?

Sports scientists have reported that there are critical periods in the life of a young person called “Windows of Trainability” in which the effects of training can be maximized. We are in the wheelhouse of those windows from 6U-12U. 

The Power of Consistency

They have also concluded that it can take anywhere from eight to twelve years of training for a talented athlete to achieve elite status.

Team sports (baseball) require a six-phase late specialization model:

  1. FUNdamentals

  2. Learning to train

  3. Training to train

  4. Training to compete

  5. Training to win

  6. Retirement &/or Retainment

The Shining Star Sticker Program 

Each Shining Star member’s attendance is tracked.  After each event he attends he will receive a Shining Star sticker to place on his helmet. When he receives 3 stars he will be eligible and qualified to attend the Shining Star National training event. 

The Shining Star National Camp 

Plans for the first ever Shining Star National camp are well underway. A date and location are TBD. We already know, however, this camp will be like no other and filled with tremendous fun and value. Young athletes from all over the country will attend. All Shining Star Members will be notified as more details become available. 



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