Play for US Elite at the Triple Crown Spring Championships 

(open to all current US Elite Players and invited guest players)

There is nothing like spring training in Arizona! 

14U March 12-15 Phoenix and surrounding area

13U March 19-22 Phoenix and surrounding area

For those who love baseball, there is no better place in the entire world to be than Arizona in March. The weather is absolutely incredible and spring training is in full swing. And......Triple Crown Sports runs one of the best spring tournaments in the country.

US Elite Founder, and National Director, Mark Helsel, has been taking 13U and 14U teams to this event for many, many years and actually coaches the teams in the event. This year he will form two teams (13U and 14U). For young players hoping to play college baseball someday, this is a wonderful opportunity to play for a coach who has helped over 500 players move on to college and/or professional baseball.

"I have it circled on my calendar. It's one of the highlights of the year for me", said Mark."Its a nice break from the winter in PA, but it also gives me a chance to coach some of our younger players, and get to know their families a little more. I like to give them what I call the "ultimate US Elite experience". We usually go watch former US Elite players playing in spring training games and we usually get a tour over at Arizona State, and meet their coaches. Obviously, playing baseball in March is awesome. The kids love it because they are playing with some really talented teammates from all over the country. They develop some new relationships with kids they would otherwise never meet". 

13U and 14U players interested in playing at this special event should complete the form to the right. 

Tryouts coming up soon

Tryouts to select the teams for this event will be held at various locations around the country. Use the tryout registration form to the right to sign up for the tryout closest to you. If you cannot attend any of the tryouts, but would still like to be considered for the team, please complete the form anyway. Sometimes players are selected from video or a strong reference from a trusted source, even if they cannot attend a tryout. 

The cost to particiapte is $395. US Elite players should have their uniforms by then. Guest players who don't have a uniform will be loaned a uniform set. 

Level of Play?

We are looking for talented players who can play at a very high level. The selection process for this event is taking place all over the country at various locations. Players selected to play in this event will also be evaluated for other elite level events like the Perfect Game World Series this summer and other national level events for the fall of 2020 and the 2021 Season. 

Roster Size?

Teams are formed by invitation only. Therefore, if we invite a player, we expect him to be playing alot of the time. But, no player plays every inning. We keep our roster sizes to 14-15 players for this event so everyone is playing alot. Understanding the time of the year it is, pitchers are not throwing alot of pitches, We like to take lots of pitchers so nobody is pitching more than they should this time of the year. We have a 4 game minium in this event. Click HERE to read more about the event itself. 

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