Congratulations! All of your hard work is paying off. You have been selected to represent US Elite at the highest level in the country. Please read the details below and then complete the form. The deadline to accept a roster spot is April 1.


Two Amazing National Level Events

We know where the best teams and players will be and we are going there to make a statement. These are also some of the highest scouted events in the country. Our 2024 National Team will play in TWO National team events. Players must indicate which events they are available to attend. They may select, 1, 2 or all three events. Selecting them DOES NOT mean you will play in those events. We are forming rosters for each event. Players who have been invited are guaranteed to be invited to AT LEAST one of the National Team events, and possibly more.

(Invite only event. Top 50 programs in the country)

  • University of South Carolina Challenge Series, Sept. 9-11, Columbia, SC

(Invite only event. US Elite's Top Players will play against each other in a 3 game series on the campus of South Carolina.)

Participation Fees

We simply need to cover the costs for these events with a nominal fee to particpate. Each player must pay $350. This includes participation in 1,2 or even all three events PLUS a new National team uniform package. Deadline to accept offer and pay is April 1. 

Which event will I attend?

We are forming unique rosters for each event. The formula we are using is 4 OF, 3 MIF, 3CINF, 2 C and 10-12 pitchers. This ensures that we have enough pitching to make a deep run, and by limiting roster spots by position ensures that all players will be on the field for most of the event. 


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Perfect Game World Series, July 26-29, Samford, FL
University of South Carolina Series Challenge, Sept. 9-11, Columbia, SC
Players will be chosen for a specific position unless invited as a utility player.

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