Imagine having instant access 24/7/365 to every US Elite player in the country! 


US Elite is extremely committed to TWO very specific groups of people; our PLAYERS (and families) AND a very specific group of COLLEGE COACHES with whom we have developed a personal relationship. These college coaches are extremely important to our program.  Over the years we have worked hard to assist them in recruiting our players. Now, we are taking it to a whole new level. One of our biggest goals has always been to make the connection between our players and college coaches easy and effective!

We are introducing a revolutionary new technology in our custom DiamondZoft Sports Management Software that will set a new standard in recruiting.  

College Coaches will soon have FREE online access to every player in the US Elite program via our master national database. They will be able to search our entire player database, using very specific filters to not only find players, but to communicate with players, too. 

But, it’s so much more than that!

Look at these amazing features......

  • View important data such as player metrics and transcripts

  • Use a wide array of search filters to find the exact players you want

  • Create player groups and send messages to just those players i.e. camp invitations, showcases, etc. 

  • Send individual inbox messages to selected players

  • Send individual and group texts

  • Create and send group messages to US Elite coaches

  • Send individual inbox and text messages to US Elite coaches

  • Receive inbox messages from US Elite coaches and players

  • Communicate with other college coaches


The Magic is in the Database! 

The name of our software is DiamondSoft. It’s the most sophisticated and advanced Sports Management Software program in the world. It should be. It was created by people immersed in the business of youth sports AND software development. In short, they know exactly what an effective system needs to be, and they created it. It's custom! 

When you have an account in our state of the art database, there is no need for specific contact information like email addresses, phone numbers, etc. The database already knows this information and simply allows you to connect with anyone (and everyone) in the database. You simply type their name and the system finds them. Yes, it's really that easy! 


Valuable Information at your fingertips

Every US Elite player has his own Personal Player Profile Page, which includes accurate and verified numbers from technologies such as Blast Motion, InnerPro, Rapsodo, Hitrax, Gamesense Pitch IQ and Vizual Edge. Additionally, players are able to upload high school transcripts, videos and other important information to help college coaches evaluate them. US Elite has partnered with Play in School videos to ensure quality, professional videos for many of our players. 


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