US Elite has created three levels of partnership. 

Benefits of partnering with US Elite Baseball (options 1 and 2)

  1. Align your program with a nationally respected name brand
  2. Gain access to US Elite’s massive list of college coaches (more exposure for your players)
  3. Participate with US Elite in many of the top invite only events, including CPS
  4. Manage and grow your program on a custom software platform, unmatched in the industry
  5. Manage your program more efficiently, and with much less stress by using our custom software 
  6. Share assets with US Elite

Option ONE

“Your team(s) Play as US Elite, All In”

  • DiamondZoft Software

  • US Elite app

  • Brand Recognition

  • College Coach Database

  • College Prospect Series participation (option)

  • Player Profile Pages with (Play in School Video)

  • IDP Software (Individual Development Plan)

  • Blast Motion

  • InnerPro App

  • Online webstore (uniforms/fan gear)

  • Video Training Series

  • Access to National Training Team

  • Sharing of Players

  • US Elite event participation


Option TWO

“Partner Program, Keep your Name and Brand”

  • Private labeled DiamondZoft Software-Discounted pricing

  • Private labeled Custom Public Website-Discounted pricing

  • College Prospect Series participation

  • Opportunities for Players to play with US Elite at certain events

  • Your private labeled App

  • Your own webstore (uniforms/fan gear) Optional. 


Option THREE

“Website/DiamondZoft Software Only” (Must be referred by US Elite)

  • Private labeled DiamondZoft Software

  • Private labeled Public Website

  • Your own webstore (uniforms/fan gear) Optional. 

  • Your own private labeled App

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