US Elite Coaches need to RSVP (means all coaches must submit a form). on whether or not their team will be attending the US Elite World Series. The deadline to complete this form is Feb. 1. 

US Elite coaches may also opt in to play a College Prospect Series event at Virginia Tech using this form. Further details about both the World Series and the CPS will be forthcoming for particiapting teams. 

The US Elite World Series. Quite possibly the best event of the entire summer! 

US Elite will hosts its first ever National Championships June 19-25 at Coastal Carolina University.  US Elite teams (13U-18U) from all over the country will play for the right to win a national championship. “With all of these super talented all state teams forming around the country, said Mark Helsel, it only makes sense to create our own event where they get to play each other for the right to win a true national championship. "It’s already creating a lot of excitement. For players, they will be playing for the pride of their state. And for college coaches, it will be an amazing event for them to scout.  Coastal Carolina is a huge connection for our program. The last time we held an event at their place they committed 4 of our players. They have already told me how excited they are to see our teams this summer" 

The College Prospect Series!

A better mousetrap! 



For real exposure and a quality experience look no further than the revolutionary College Prospect Series (CPS). It was created out of necessity. Many tournament venues have simply gotten too big, too expensive, too watered down (level of play) and not enough college coaches attending. They say necessity is the mother of invention, right? US Elite spearheaded this incredible program and it has been an overwhelming success. 


HUGE Benefits for participating travel programs


  1. True exposure for players. College coaches at every event. 

  2. Elite level competition. Only 8 teams per event. No more watered down baseball. 

  3. Play to win games and championship for top 2 teams in each age group

  4. Less travel and expenses for families. No stay to play. No gate passes. 

  5. Strengthens the program’s ability to recruit high end talent.

  6. Play only at beautiful college stadiums


Format: Events are typically Thursday-Sunday and organized by grad year. (8) teams in the same grad year will each play (3-4) games, all on the campus of the host school. It will be structured as a team camp and college coaches will help run the event. Host school may set up a pro style showcase, campus tours, training and instruction and talks from head coach.  Participating teams will register and pay $1,500 team camp fee directly to host school through an online registration. Other college coaches will be invited and welcome to attend. 


Grad Years: 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025

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We expect the team fee to be in the $1500 range, but the final team fee has not been established yet. Players WILL NOT be staying in dorms. Host hotels will be set up for US Elite players and families.

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