“Doing what you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in has passed”. 

Why we have a form

US Elite Baseball is very big on commitment. Our players, coaches and parents are "all in", which means everybody is where they are supposed to be, all the time. However, we also understand that there are other things going on in our lives other than baseball. Sometimes, those things are more important than baseball, and a player needs to miss a scheduled US Elite event. For example, we don't want one of our players missing grandma’s 90th birthday party because they have a baseball game. We don't want them missing a church mission trip because of baseball. We don’t want them missing their sister’s wedding because they have a baseball game. Again, at US Elite we’re trying to teach balance and priorities. Contrary to what some people actually believe, there are some things more important than baseball. 

In other words, we don't want our players missing very special, and once in a lifetime events, because of baseball. For this reason, we have a form to complete when you need to miss a US Elite scheduled event. Keep in mind, however, while we do understand that you may need to miss an event, we still want to know about it, and approve your absence, just like in real life like, school and work. 

Complete the form if you need to miss a scheduled event

*US Elite reserves the right to deny this request. If denied, US Elite will give a very clear and specific reason why the request to miss has been denied. 


Playing for another team/organization

US Elite players are NOT permitted to play for another team or organization on the same date of a scheduled US Elite event. We also strongly discourage our players from playing anytime with other teams/organizations during an off weekend. However, there are times when we DO permit our players to play for another team/organization. In all cases a player must submit this form prior to playing for another team/organization. 

Why we have this form?

At US Elite we are very involved in our player’s development and recruiting. How much they play, where they play and for whom they are playing are all very important things to know. When our players are playing outside the US Elite organization we want to know about it. 

Complete the form if you would like to play for another team/organization during an off time at US Elite.  

*US Elite reserves the right to deny this request. If denied, US Elite will give a very clear and specific reason why the request to play has been denied. 

Suggested reading material supporting this concept. 12 Biggest Differences Between Travel Baseball and College Baseball

Exerpt from this article: 

#3 Player Participation - This one is sad and comical at the same time. College players are not given the option of choosing when they want to attend meetings, practices or games. They are expected to be at everything. Everyone is 100% all in. It’s not even a discussion at the college level. In travel baseball, it’s the opposite. Players can choose if and when they will attend events. Parents even have the option to decide on what events to attend. They pick and choose like its ala carte menu. How many times have you seen players not present for a game or practice? It happens at nearly every event in travel ball. In travel baseball, it’s hard to know who is actually on the team as a full time player, and who is a part time, or guest player. Just think about what the word TEAM means, then think of what travel ball has created in “guest player” or "part time player". The word commitment in travel ball is defined as "we'll be there, unless something else is more important." I don't know of one college team in the country who has any guest players or part time players.



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