Players interested in playing for a US Elite New York All-State Teams should complete the form to the right. 

US Elite Baseball of New York is forming (3) All State Teams for the 2021 season. Teams will be formed for Grad Years 2023, 2024, 2025. Rosters will be finalized by December 1, 2020.  

Players who are interested in playing on a US Elite New York All State Team can complete the form to the right and register for one of our 3 tryout dates across the state. Players attending a tryout will receive a professional level evaluation, using the same technologies the MLB clubs are using to evaluate prospects, such as Blast Motion, Rapsodo and Visual Edge.  State Directors and coaches will be looking for players who demonstrate above average ability for their age group. 

Who should try out?

The All State Team program is all about creating an unparalleled experience for a very specific type of player/family. It is 100% designed for players with the goals and abilities to play baseball at a high level. Players selected to these teams will be among the best players in the entire state of New York for their age group, and will play almost exclusively in elite level events. Very specific developmental plans will be created for each player, as well as high level promotion to the colleges of their choices. Make no mistake about it, this program is the best of its kind at development and exposure. The goal of thie All State Team program is preparing players for D1 baseball, and of course, getting a D1 scholarship.

No Walk Ups

 All participamnts must be Pre-Registered. No walk ups at the event will be allowed to participate

When:  Saturday 9/19   Where: (Downstate) 

              Saturday 9/26   Where: (Central)             

              Sunday 9/27      Where: (Western) 


US Elite All State Team Coaches

 2023  TD Mills

 2024   TBD

 2025   TBD

Play for US Elite National Team!

A huge benefit of playing for an All State Team is they will feed the US Elite National teams. Players who get to play for our National teams at the biggest national events will be players who are already playing on our All-State teams. In other words, we’ll use our own national network of players from all over the country to feed our national team program. But, instead of taking them off an All State team permanently, they will play on both the state team and the national team. They will be a full time player on an All State team, and then play for the US Elite National team in the big events like

  • PBR National Championships

  • USA Baseball National Championships 

  • Perfect Game World Series 

  • Future Stars National Championships  

  • Wilson Premier National Championships  

It’s the best of both worlds for the players selected. It will also be a true National team since the players will literally be from all over the country. All players representing US Elite on a national team will come solely from the US Elite All State Teams.

Play on college campuses in front of college coaches!

All State Teams will play an elite level schedule and play in several top national events, including the PG WWBA and PBR National Championships. Each player who is selected for the team will be announced on social media outlets, and will have his own Player Profile Page sent to college coaches. We will promote each player heavily to his top 10 schools. The All State team will also play in the College Prospect Series, which is reserved exclusively for players projected to play D1 college baseball. The CPS is played on D1 college campuses all across the country, with college coaches helping run the event, and in the dugout with our players. 

Win a National Championship!

In the summer of 2021 the New York All State teams will represent NY at the US Elite National Championships (location TBA). This event will showcase the top US Elite teams from over 20 states playing against each other. The winning teams in this event will be crowned the US Elite National champions for each age group. This event will be unlike anything ever done before in travel baseball. As many as (20) US Elite All State teams in (5) different age groups could attend this event. That would be up to (100) US Elite teams at one venue at the same time! 

US Elite Promotes its players to college coaches! 

US Elite Baseball is the ONLY program in the country with a internal, private database that connects college coaches with it's players. Thanks to DiamondZoft Sports Managment Software college coaches have access to US Elite players, and can search through the national US Elite database of players to find players that fit their program's needs. While many players pay "big bucks" for outside recruiting services, US Elite players have this this amazing service included in their player fees at no extra charge. That's UNCOMMON! 

FREE Axe Bat Promotion for all new players

 Players who are invited to play for US Elite New York and secure their roster spot by Nov. 1 will receive a FREE Axe Bat!!

History is on your side with a proven track record!!

Just look at the incredible success US Elite has had at helping it’s players move on to the next level. See Commitments HERE. 

US Elite Baseball Strategic Partners

  • PBR Prep Baseball Report

  • Blast Motion

  • Crossover Symmetry

  • InnerPro

  • Visual Edge

  • Axe Bats

  • Gamesense Pitch IQ


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Downstate - Dutchess Stadium 9/19
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Western - McDonough Park 9/27
Located in Geneva NY
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Have you already committed to play for another team? At US Elite we place a high value on commitment. If you have already committed to a team for this fall, or next season we DO NOT want you to break your commitment so you can play for US Elite. That's not right and we will NEVER ask or allow a player to break a commitment to play for US Elite. That's one of our many Uncommon Standards. Teaching young men to be "a man of their word" is a part of our culture.

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