Becoming a US Elite Youth Team is much easier and more beneficial than you may realize. 

US Elite is widely recognized as one of the top national programs in the country for helping aspiring baseball players achieve their dreams of playing college and pro baseball. Since its inception in 2006 over 1,000 players have moved on to the next level from the US Elite program. The vast majority of those players started in the program AFTER they turned age 13. That’s all about to change with the introduction of US Elite Youth.

US Elite is now partnering with youth baseball and softball teams, as well as rec programs, all across the country, starting as young as 6U. Why? US Elite is more than just a travel program. Along with teaching the game, and developing great players, we have actual programs and initiatives in place to also teach important life skills such as; community outreach, leadership, nutrition, goal setting, accountablity, respect, military appreciation and so much more. We feel that we can be even more impactful if we begin working with players at a very early age. Simply put, young players are very impressionable and can learn important life skills at a very early age. 

Attention Youth Coaches

So, do you coach a youth baseball or softball team? Congratulations! We respect that so much because we know its not easy, and we know you have your heart in the right place. But, you don't have to do it alone. We can help in so many ways. Your team could become a US Elite team and benefit from our vast resources. Complete the form so we can explore how we can be a T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More)

Do you run a rec program?

We understand its so difficult to manage large numbers of players, coaches and parents. But, we have so many tools already in place to help you. We have amazing training programs for players, coaches and even parents. We can share ALL of that with you. Complete the form so we can find a win/win relationship. 

The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it stays open! 

In today's world, it's easy to become cynical about the motives of others, but there is good in this world, and there are people who have their hearts in the righ place. So, please don't prejudge our offer to partner with you or compare US Elite to anything else you've heard or seen before. We know all about the "money grabs" and the "national" programs expanding, but offering no value or support whatsoever. You will quickly learn that we are NOTHING like any of that. That's why we never refer to our program as a "travel" program.  

Complete the form today and learn how we could be working together and helping the young athletes of our future generations. 

Still need more? Here it is in great detail.....


US Elite is widely recognized as one of the top national programs in the country for helping aspiring baseball players achieve their dreams of playing college and pro baseball. Since its inception in 2006 over 700 players have moved on to the next level from the US Elite program. The vast majority of those players started in the program after they turned age 13. That’s all about to change with the introduction of US Elite Youth.


Beginning in the first quarter of 2022, US Elite will begin onboarding new youth teams starting at 6U up to 12U. The goal of the program is to assist qualified youth coaches with their team management, development, training, exposure and future opportunities for players. US Elite Founder and National Director, Mark Helsel, says the timing is right. “Since 2006 we’ve built our program slowly, with a focus on quality over quantity, and we have developed a very strong culture within our program that combines baseball skills with life skills. Our Uncommon Standards are really resonating with people. More so now, than ever before, people are craving structure, discipline and direction in youth sports, especially at the younger ages. They also want a program that develops winners both on and off the field. Unfortunately it’s been hard for many of them to find it. We believe now is the right time to expand our program to the younger players and their parents.  Based on everything we’ve seen and heard, we are certain we can make a positive influence at the youth level”. 


Preparing the child for the path

Despite all of US Elite’s on field success, Helsel says the real success of the program has been more subtle. “The US Elite program is a very strong and positive influencer. We take great pride in the fact that we are developing people as much, if not more, than we are developing athletes. That’s by far the number one reason we want to get involved at the youth level. We feel we can make a big difference in how these young men and women develop as people. As the saying goes, we are not preparing the path for the child, we are preparing the child for the path. With the support of parents and the incredible efforts of our coaches, we can work together and create an amazing experience for our players and their families. Youth sports can be a tremendous precursor to what lies ahead in life long after the playing days are over. We don’t want to miss this great opportunity to impact generations of young athletes through sports”. 


History is on your side

Coaches and parents who are considering joining the US Elite program will also be encouraged by the program’s success on the field. US Elite teams have been competing at the highest levels and have won many national championships. Year in and year out US Elite players consistently get ranked nationally and US Elite has developed very strong relationships with college coaches and professional scouts. “Getting our players exposure to any college in the country is not a challenge for us. We have earned the trust and respect of the college coaches. I can say with complete confidence that they like how we are preparing our players for their level. At the high school age our average GPA among our players is 3.6. We are teaching players to compete in everything they do, including the classroom. said Helsel. 



The Ultimate Coaching Experience

To expand, US Elite is recruiting coaches first, players second. US Elite has also created what Helsel calls “The Ultimate Coaching Experience”. In the US Elite program coaches still form their own rosters, create their own schedules and assist in the formulation of their team budget (player fees). “Coaches still want to have some control on how their teams are set up”. Beyond that, however, US Elite provides an incredible amount of infrastructure and support, including training for players, parents and coaches, exposure and communication tools.  “It’s truly the best youth coaching opportunity in the country”, said Helsel. “We recognize that most coaches would like to be a part of an organization they can be proud of, but they also don’t want to be micromanaged, which is why we give them so much freedom. We also recognize that very few coaches enjoy the administrative side of coaching. That’s why we custom designed our entire software platform. We can do things that, up until the time we wrote the software, simply could not be done. The DiamondZoft software platform completely transformed our program. We can easily manage a very large organization with a small staff. We have automated the collection of player fees, including monthly pay plans. We handle all player registrations, rosters, player profiles, promotion of players and uniforms. That’s taking alot off the plate of our coaches so they can do what they love to do, which is coach. US Elite even has a full time support program to assist players, coaches and parents. 


Two Models, one great youth program

In doing our research on youth baseball, we found two very different models. On one hand you have the “travel teams”. They are the teams playing in higher level events and traveling quite a bit. Typically, their player fees are well over $1000. The other model are more local teams, or rec teams that are not traveling alot, and are playing close to home. In most cases their player fees are far less than $1,000. US Elite has created a model of both types of teams. 


US Elite Youth Platinum

The Platinum model is very similar to our high school team model. Coaches use our team budget software to help create their team’s player fees. They input data and the software gives them the player fees required to play as a Platinum Team. Coaches do not handle any money in this program. Parents are able to set up payment plans in our system. Platinum teams travel quite a bit, and play competitive schedules, including Perfect Game, PBR and Prospect Wire events. They wear the full US Elite uniform package and are invited to play in the US Elite Youth Platinum World Series. There are player fee minimums to qualify for this program. 


US Elite Youth Membership

The US Elite Youth Membership model makes it affordable for local teams and rec teams to play under the US Elite umbrella and enjoy many of the same benefits as playing as a US Elite Platinum club. Membership teams wear a “slimmed down version” of the US Elite uniform package to keep costs low for families. Coaches choosing the membership model handle their own player fees and there are no player fee minimums. Each player in the membership program pays an annual membership fee directly to US Elite. That way, US Elite has a relationship directly with that player and the family that goes beyond the team aspect. The membership includes the following: 


  • Welcome To US Elite Care Package (mailed to player)

  • Online account in DiamondZoft Software

  • Individual Player Profile Page

  • Online Player Training Videos

  • Nutritional Support Training

  • I.D.P. (yearly Individual Development Plan)

  • Shining Star Youth Camp Voucher

  • US Elite National Combine Invitation


“Begin with the end in mind”

One of the most exciting aspects of the US Elite Youth program is that young players will have an opportunity to stay in the program even after they turn 13U. At 13U players will have the opportunity to play for an elite level “All State Team” or play for US Elite’s sister organization (GameChangers). “It’s very important to teach young players to have goals, and achieve goals. Those skills will serve them long after baseball is finished. We want our young players to have many goals, and one of them is to stay in the program after their 12U year. They may be ready to play at the elite level and play for one of our US Elite All-State teams or they may be more suited for our developmental program called GameChangers. In either case, they can expect the same great experience of playing with Uncommon Standards.  


How to get involved

US Elite has a very clear and specific path for teams to join US Elite. It all starts with the head coach completing an application to coach for US Elite. We believe the most important position in our program is the Head Coach. For this reason, we are extremely selective with who we put in a leadership position. If you feel the US Elite program may be a good fit, please complete the application. 




What if a player does not make the 13U All State team. Can he still stay in the US Elite Program? 

Yes, we plan to form teams beginning at the 13U age for players who did not make the 13U All State Team. GameChangers has all the same Uncommon Values of US Elite, but may not play at the elite level like the US Elite All State teams do. 


How are uniforms handled? 

Each player orders online and the uniforms are shipped directly to the players house. The cost of the Platinum Team youth uniform package is $375 and the cost of the Membership team uniform package is $175.


Are US Elite coaches paid?

Some are, and some aren’t. Head coaches make that decision when they form their budgets. 


Can dads coach a US Elite team?

Yes, we have no issues with dad's coaching, as long as they can manage it with no bias toward their son or daughter. 


What training is available to coaches, parents and players?

US Elite has pioneered an online video training series (VTS). It is the most comprehensive training in all of youth baseball. 


How do players get on a US Elite National team?

US Elite forms its National teams from within the program. Players on US Elite teams have an opportunity to compete in the National Combine for a spot on a national team. National teams begin at 12U. 


Are there national level events for 12U and under players? 



Can teams play at Cooperstown as US Elite?



What is the difference between a US Elite Membership team and a US Elite Platinum team?

The membership model is designed for teams with player fees under $1,000. Coaches of membership teams collect and manage their own money. Players pay an annual Membership fee and have access to everything in the US Elite program, including all of the US Elite back office training and support, as well as webinars and live events. Membership teams wear a slimmed down US Elite uniform package that consists of two jerseys, one hat, one belt, one helmet and one set of white pants. Membership teams are eligible to attend the US Elite Youth National combine and the US Elite World Series, which is sponsored by DiamondZoft Sports Management Software. 


US Elite Platinum youth teams typically have player fees higher than $1,000 and use the US Elite Budget calculator to create their player fees. US Elite collects the money and pays coaches allowances according to the budget the coach created. Platinum teams also must qualify by demonstrating an elite level of play, as well as Uncommon Standards. They wear the full Platinum Team uniform package which consists of two jerseys, two hats, two sets of pants, two belts, helmet and stirrups. Platinum teams are eligible to attend the US Elite Youth National combine and play in the US Elite Platinum Club World Series. 



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US Elite works and partners with ALL levels of teams. While the effort to win is important in our program, we are most concerned with teaching Uncommon Standards, which has nothing to do with a win/loss record.

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