US Elite's Shining Star Youth Camps are loaded with fun, value and important life skills training for 6U-12U boys and girls. 

The Format: Camps are typically 3 hours. Each player will rotate from station to station throughout the camp and learn from well trained professional instructors. The number of instructors is determined by the size of the camp. Typically it's one instructor for every 12 players. Training topics vary from camp to camp, but can include up to 4 of these stations: Hitting, catching, pitching, bunting, infield, outfield, speed training, sports performance training, drills and games, catching, nutrition and athletic testing.

Important! Your camp will begin with training on how to stand for the National Anthem, the value of a firm handshake and the importance of making a positive first impression.

The predominant desired outcome for each camp is to be fun, informative, interactive and exciting for the campers. We want them to LOVE this experience and LOVE baseball and softball.

The Cost: $50

Registration is open for the camps listed below. 

Additional Information: 

What: US Elite is on a mission to be a positive influencer in youth sports. Our camps are the first step in that process.  Our camps are unlike anything ever done before. We're using sports to positively impact our youth in a very profound way.  The Mission is Clear is not just a clever slogan. It means we are serious about making a positive difference in the lives of young athletes, both on and off the field.

Why: The US Elite philosophy is for the youth sports experience for players and parents to be filled with fun, learning, accomplishment, as well as physical and personal growth. The camp program is designed to prepare players for competitive sports, as well as life beyond sports. 

The Desired Result: World renowned author of the 7 Habits Books, Steven Covey, teaches a concept, “Begin with the end in mind”. The concept challenges individuals to focus on what they want the desired results to be before they begin. For most parents it might sound something like this: I want my son/daughter to be a confident person. I want him to be a person of integrity, honesty and character. I want him to be respected by his peers and his mentors. I want him to be a person of humility and gratitude. I want him to be “other centered", not “self centered”. I want him to understand the value of hard work and dedication. I want him to learn what true commitment means. I want him to know the difference between a dream and a goal. I want him to learn that there is only one true failure, and that is quitting. I want him to understand that life is not always fair and predictable. I want him to embrace adversity and learn to overcome it. 

The Problem: There is little debate that nearly every parent wants their son or daughter to be all of the above. And there is no doubt that most parents are trying hard to help their son or daughter become that. The problem is that the world we live in, and the influences on our young people, do not always support the efforts of parents. In fact, in many cases, the influences are completely the opposite of these virtues. Even worse, youth sports can actually work against these virtues. The quest for “success” at all costs is real. The positive benefits of learning to be a part of a team can become replaced by the needs of the individual. The need for adulation and recognition can become nearly obsessive. The drive to “be the best” can breed entitlement and arrogance, and even threaten the relationship between the athlete and parents. Early success for some athletes can also lead to “special treatment”, complacency and a false sense of security. The sad reality is that the very thing that was meant to be a positive influence can actually become a very negative influence. Once some of these negative influences have become a part of who a person is, it can be very difficult and painful to reverse. 

The Solution: It’s not by accident that US Elite Camps start at 6U. We feel strongly that the more time we can spend with young athletes the more we can become a positive influence in their lives. In fact, we want parents to know that we recognize how hard it is to raise children in today’s environment, and we want them to know that US Elite's Youth Development Camps are 100% committed to supporting and strengthening the efforts of the parents. The saying, “it takes a village” is true. Everybody involved in a child’s upbringing can help shape and mold that child. It’s an awesome concept to think that youth sports can be such a positive experience when done right. 

The Next step

Taking the next step towards an amazing youth sports experience is easy. It starts with allowing US Elite the opportunity to form a relationship with you and your athlete. For most, it starts by attending one of our camps. Simply register for an upcoming youth camp in your area. We want you to experience the many benefits of our camps. 

Why do we offer a Membership Program. 

Memberships are optional. You DO NOT need to be a member to attend our camps. The membership program is designed to form a relationship with each player. Even though our camps are powerful, it takes more than a one day camp to make the impact we want to make. We believe the consistency of a powerful message and a very positive and encouraging influence is the key to long term success. The membership program is designed to build a relationship. 

Membership to US Elite Sports (You will learn more about our membership model at the camp)

*Club Members receive: 

  • Access to all camps (in any state) at no charge

  • Dri Fit Shirt to wear to camps 

  • Access to US Elite Online Trainings

  • Invitations to live events

  • Personalized training programs 

  • Personal Player Profile Page on US Elite public website 

  • Opportunity to attend National Youth Camp and US Elite Kickoff Dinner 

  • Opportunity to play for US Elite in National events

  • No charge to attend US Elite tryouts 

*Some items listed require additional fees. 

Monthly: $15 per month

Annual: $100

We strongly reccomond attending a camp BEFORE becoming a member. 



2022 Camp Dates and Locations (more dates and locations coming)

June 12th, Vineland, NJ


Questions and Answers

Q: Is the camp baseball only?

A: No, softball players are welcome also. 

Q: Does my son/daughter have to play on a US Elite team to participate in the camps?

A: No, US Elite camps are open to all young athletes, regardless of what travel team they play on. 

Q: Do we need to pre-register for each camp?

A: Yes. No walk ups are allowed to participate. 

Q: Are the instructors trained and certified?

A: Yes, all of the instructors have been trained by US Elite and have completed an official background check and are officially certified as camp instructors. 


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