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State Director Opportunity. “Do What You Love”.

Mark Helsel

US Elite National Director

US Elite Founder, and National Director, Mark Helsel says the State Director position at US Elite Baseball qualifies as an idea whose “time has come”. “One of my goals for our program has always been to create opportunities for people who have caught the vision for what US Elite is all about. Obviously, we have done that for our players by developing them properly, and then providing exposure for them, and helping them move on to the next level of their career. The State Director is a career opportunity for adults who want to make baseball their full time occupation”.

Helsel is referring to a new position within the company known as State Director. The position is for individuals who would like to own the exclusive rights to US Elite Baseball in their state. Responsibilities of the position include recruiting and hiring new US Elite coaches, who will, in turn, form new US Elite teams. Additional responsibilities include overseeing the teams, making sure the teams are strictly adhering to the Uncommon Standards that has become the foundation of the US Elite program. State Directors will also be involved with tryouts, player evaluations, camps, showcases, US Elite tournaments and special events.

“This is not a job opportunity. We are not hiring employees, says Helsel. This is more of a business opportunity for individuals who value their freedom, and don’t want to be limited on their time, their income, or what they can accomplish. We are looking for individuals with some vision, and some entrepreneurial spirit. We are going in to unchartered waters with regard to how we plan to position US Elite in the marketplace. Nobody is doing what we are doing. That takes a unique individual”. Helsel says his son, Christian, is a perfect example. “Christian will be our State Director for the state of Georgia, starting in January/2019. He is a good example of a young guy who has a great opportunity in front of him to give back to the game he loves so much, and to control his own destiny from a career standpoint. He played in the US Elite organization, played 4 years of D1 baseball and also played 2 years professionally. He just finished his playing career and wants to stay in baseball. He has a lot to offer and we’re excited about him getting started in GA. He told me the other day he wants Georgia to the number one state in the country for US Elite, so you can see that competitors keep competing long after they themselves stop playing. That’s pretty cool”.

Christian Helsel, will join his father, Mark, at US Elite in 2019, as the State Director for Georgia.

The SD position is getting an opportunity to “do what you love”, says Helsel. “I can’t tell you how many people have said to me over the years, “I would love to be full time in baseball”. I believe we now have an opportunity to offer them that dream. I’m meeting with a guy, and his wife tonight. He’s a high school administrator. He has a very high pressure, high stress job. He loves baseball and loves US Elite. We’re going to talk about what it would look like for him to become a state director and begin building his state part time, until the time comes when he is able to make a career change. To say he and his wife are excited about the possibilities is an understatement. His wife said having her husband in a profession he loves, and away from the unhealthy stress he is exposed to on a daily basis, is her goal. That’s life changing stuff, there”.

US Elite was founded in 2006 so there is a lot of experience on their side. “It’s been an amazing ride to get to this point, says Helsel. We have built a nationally respected brand. People know what US Elite stands for. We’re proud of that, and we want to take our brand, and our message, across the country. The goal is to make a positive impact through the game of baseball. We have a “franchise-like” opportunity (not technically a franchise) for the right individual. We are working closely with our state directors, and making sure they have all the support they need to build a successful state”.

Individuals interested in a State Directorship should apply HERE. Please indicate in the comments section of the form that you are interested in a State Directorship. Again, this is NOT a job opportunity and a financial commitment to purchase the exclusive rights to a particular state is required.