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The College Prospect Series! A better mousetrap!

Mark Helsel

US Elite National Director

US Elite Founder and National Director, Mark Helsel, says the College Prospect Series is one of the most significant developments in his organization’s history. “This idea was spawned as a result of the 30 visits with 30 D1 coaching staffs I did last year on my 30 in 30 tour. Every staff I met with expressed interest in a new model for exposure. Behind closed doors, they were not bashful about speaking candidly about the current tournament structure. They encouraged me to spearhead this idea”.

And, that is exactly what Helsel did. This past fall he helped organize team camps on 4 different college campuses. Those schools were Navy, WVU, South Carolina and JMU. US Elite teams attended their team camps and played competitive games. Helsel said that everyone involved said they preferred this format over the typical tournament format. “Our players and parents loved the experience. The college coaches were very involved and on the field. There was instruction going on. Players and parents got to tour the facilities and get to know the coaching staff. The entire weekends were extremely organized and everyone said they got more value with this model. It was a very encouraging start to a new idea”.

If the fall was any indication, next summer’s schedule looks to be lining up as an incredible opportunity for the programs that participate. “This is not a US Elite event or tournament. It’s a team camp organized and run by the host school. It’s their event. All we’re doing is helping attract other quality teams to the event. One of the things college coaches want to see his good competition. To be honest, they are tired of seeing ho hum, lacklaster baseball on their field that so many of the tournaments have become. Since only 8 teams can participate in each event, it’s important that the level of play is kept at a premium. That’s where I told them we could help, I knew we could bring some of our own teams that were very talented, and let some other programs know about this events. Obviously, they fill up very fast when the registration goes live”.

HUGE Benefits for participating travel programs...

  1. True exposure for players. College coaches at every event.
  2. Elite level competition. Only 8 teams per event. No more watered down baseball.
  3. Play to win games and championship for top 2 teams in each age group
  4. Less travel and expenses for families. No stay to play. No gate passes.
  5. Strengthens the program’s ability to recruit high end talent.
  6. Play only at beautiful college stadiums

Format: The schedule is from June 1-Aug. 31, 2020 Season. Events are Thursday-Sunday and organized by grad year. (8) teams in the same grad year will each play (3-4) games, all on the campus of the host school. It will be structured as a team camp and college coaches will help run the event. Host school may set up a pro style showcase, campus tours, training and instruction and talks from head coach. When the registration link goes live, participating teams will register and pay a $1,500 team camp fee directly to host school. Baseballs and umpires are provided by host school. Other college coaches will be invited and welcome to attend.

Grad Years: 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

CLICK HERE to request an invite to one or more CPS events for the summer of 2020. The participating schools for the summer of 2020 are: Pitt, Virginia Tech, JMU, South Carolina, UCF, Wake Forest and UNCA.