A letter from the parents of Logan Hile, former US Elite Player

Nov 10, 2022

Note: The following letter was sent to US Elite unsolicited. With the permission of the Hiles, we are making it public. Why? Because this is the perspective of the travel baseball journey aspire for all of our families.

March 24, 2019

Dear Mark:

The purpose of this letter is to update you regarding Logan’s current situation and his future endeavors. We are delighted to tell you that Logan will be attending Bloomsburg University this fall and will be playing baseball for the Huskies. We are thankful, relieved, and extremely happy that Logan will get the opportunity to not only further his education at Bloomsburg University, but to also get the chance to play baseball for their program.

It has been a very challenging three years for our family, but particularly for Logan. Logan was well on his way to a bright future playing baseball and pursuing a Division 1 scholarship until he suddenly became extremely ill in May, 2016. Logan has had to overcome so much adversity over the last three years both mentally and physically. Doctors basically told us that because of his extensive medical issues and concerns, he would never run or play baseball ever again. Logan would not accept that belief and consistently said that he would prove them wrong. He endured many weeks of rigorous physical and occupational therapy at both Hershey Medical Center and Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He followed that up with six months of outpatient physical therapy at Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, PA. We then found Rob Oshinski in December of 2016, thanks to you, and he still meets with him two times per week for intense personal training.

Logan has never wavered or strayed from his goal and dream to play college baseball. His work ethic, resilience, determination, and perseverance has been remarkable and inspirational. He has had to face many tough days and circumstances, but he has always maintained a positive outlook and a great attitude. Although he did not attain that Division 1 scholarship he strived for, we all feel that this is the right choice for Logan at this time. He may have very well accomplished the Division 1 goal if he received a PIAA medical waiver for a second senior year, but after a lot of family discussions and some grueling thought, along with lots of prayer, we know that he will be happy and flourish by going DII at Bloomsburg. We feel blessed to be his parents and we are so proud of him and his accomplishments no matter the level of baseball he will be playing. Just knowing that he will be playing baseball at the next level, he defied all of the odds against him.

We are forever grateful for everything you have done for not only Logan, but for our entire family. You have assisted in making him into the hardworking, respectful, and loyal person he is today. Playing baseball for you since he was 11 years old has been a true honor and gift. Your organization has given him opportunities and has opened doors that we never knew were possible. When Logan became ill, you were immediately there to support our family both spiritually and monetarily. The entire organization reached out to us with not only financial aid, but constant genuine concern and prayers for Logan and his recovery. You have allowed him to stay involved in the organization following his illness at no cost to us and your continued patience and assistance regarding our fluctuating circumstances has always been appreciated. Thank you Mark for giving him an opportunity to play at the next level and for always supporting him even during his most difficult times. We are humbled to have been a part of the US Elite organization, and we are grateful to call you our friend.


Jim and Jayme Hile