US Elite describes the coaching opportunity at US Elite as "The Ultimate Coaching Experience". The great news is that's not just fluff. We have a large and growing network of coaches all across the country who will gladly echo that sentiment.

Here's why....

  • US Elite Coaches form their own teams/rosters
  • US Elite Coaches create their own schedules
  • US Elite Coaches create their own team budgets, inclucing income and expenses
  • US Elite Coaches are paid using direct deposit to a debit card
  • US Elite Coaches are given extensive and ongoing training and support
  • US Elite Coaches have a clear a defninitive coaching contract 
  • US Elite Coaches are highly respected in the organization
  • US Elite Coaches use the most advanced sports management software available anywhere. It's called DiamondZoft
  • US Elite Coaches are part of a national network of like-minded coaches who work together for a common goal
  • US Elite Coaches have access to a national database of college coaches and pro scouts
  • US Elite Coaches are proud of US Elite's Uncommon Standards
  • US Elite Coaches receive evaluations and support
  • US Elite Coaches get to play in very unique and special events
  • US Elite Coaches rarely have issues with parents because of the organization's training for parents, and clear contract for parents
  • US Elite Coaches benefit from the organization's highly respected name and brand recognition
  • US Elite does not rob players from a coach's team and move them to another team
  • US Elite handles all collection of money
  • US Elite coaches do not handle uniforms


Here is the exact same question, with two very different answers. Which answer most closely matches your answer?


What do you do as a coach?


Answer #1- I coach a team.


  • I run practices

  • I throw bp

  • I make line ups

  • I manage games

  • I talk to the team after each game 



Answer #2- I help develop young men for the next level, and for life, through the game of baseball. 


  • I run practices

  • I throw bp

  • I make line ups

  • I manage games

  • I focus on each player’s development in baseball

  • I learn about their goals, and assist in their recruiting process

  • I develop meaningful relationships with my parents

  • I develop meaningful relationships with my players

  • I talk to my players about more than just baseball

  • I constantly look for life lessons to share with my players

  • I lead by example in every way. No double standards. 

  • I practice servant leadership.

  • I develop trust and respect with my players. 

  • I hold myself, my coaches, every player and every parent accountable to UNCOMMON STANDARDS. 

We're looking for coaches who identify more with answer #2 than they do #1. If you're more like #2 please complete the form to the right. 

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