Complete The Prospect Form And Become A US Elite Success Story

(left to right): Maryland commit, Louisville commit, South Carolina commit, TCU commit

Important Note: Before completing our Prospect Form we encourage both player and parent to read the explanation below. Additionally, we prefer that the form is completed by the player, with his parents knowledge and/or blessing. We discourage parents from filling this form out for their son (players under 12U may be the exception). Too many parents want this journey more for their son, than their son actually wants it. At US Elite Baseball, we believe the player has to be internally motivated and "own" his career. We are looking for players who know what they want, and playing for US Elite is important to them for all the right reasons.

US Elite scouts, professional evaluators and coaches are constantly searching for players for the US Elite program. Players interested in receiving an invitation to an “invite only” workout should complete the US Elite Prospect Form.

The model for US Elite Baseball is to form teams in age groups (9U-17U) throughout the United States. If you are invited to play for US Elite, you can be sure that we feel you are the right type of player for our program. At US Elite quality is much more important than quantity, and character is more important than talent. The results of this philosophy have been amazing. Over the past 5 years nearly 100% of our graduating seniors have received scholarships to play college baseball. If your goal is to play college baseball, playing for US Elite can be a difference maker in helping you reach your goal. Few programs in the country can match our success.

For our younger players (9U-14U) this is the beginning of an amazing journey of development, both on and off the field. US Elite focuses on helping its younger players develop their individual baseball skills, as well as character development.

US Elite is a nationally respected program that specializes in recruiting, developing and providing exposure for high character student-athletes. As a US Elite Baseball player, we will always have your best interest in mind at all times. We will hold you to our Uncommon Standards model, and we will encourage you to adopt and embrace those standards in all parts of your life. It's definitely the road less travelled in travel baseball.

If you feel you are the right fit for US Elite Baseball, then please complete the Prospect Form.