Interested in Joining Our Uncommon Standards?


All US Elite Baseball players are encouraged to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. There is a very strong emphasis placed on being a very good student. We do not believe in the “dumb jock” theory. We believe education is more important than baseball. We also have noticed that true competitors compete in everything they do, including competing in the classroom.


Good baseball players are almost always good athletes. Therefore, US Elite players are encouraged to develop their athleticism as much, if not more, than their baseball skills. Two themes are prevalent

throughout the organization; BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER and THERE IS NO OFF SEASON. The US Elite Baseball organization provides outstanding athletic performance instruction.

Baseball Skills

Outstanding instruction is given to US Elite players on the mechanics of baseball. Hitting, fielding, pitching, catching and throwing skills are taught. Tremendous attention to detail is given.

Communication Skills

US Elite players are held to very high standards. They are even taught communication skills. Starting with a firm handshake and making eye contact, they learn communication skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Player Makeup and Character

US Elite players are taught that they will be human beings much longer than they will be baseball players. Therefore, great concern and care is given to helping them become the best human beings they can possibly be. This involves life lessons such as honesty, gratitude, humility, integrity, honor, and character. Players are taught what it means to be great teammates, great siblings, great sons and ultimately, great leaders.

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