At US Elite We Teach That The Process Is More Important Than The Results

Trophies, rings, rankings and national championships are nice and some US Elite teams may have a goal to win a national championship. Regardless of the goal, or the situation, US Elite teams will always play hard, and demonstrate the effort to win every game. However, in the grand scheme of things, the single most important goal in our organization is helping our players get better. Ultimately, we are helping our players extend

their careers in college or professional baseball. US Elite players are constantly drilled on mastering the process, not the results. This is a huge distinction. For this reason, players get better in our organization. They mature and become the player they were destined to be. Specifically, they dramatically improve their skills because there is a focus in our program on skill set development. They also develop a better understanding of the game (baseball IQ). They learn leadership skills. Some, who have expressed an interest in coaching after their careers are done, are even mentored for coaching skills. In short, US Elite players have an understanding of overall process. This is a huge advantage because it gives them a pathway to success.

US Elite players know that learning to master the process will help them achieve the results they want. Focusing on the process teaches players to be confident versus focusing on results, which can lead to frustration and a lack of confidence.