Austin Testerman


College Commitment
Height 6' 1"
Weight 156 lb
First Position RHP
Second Position MIF
Bat Right
Throw Right

Player Stats

Blast Plane Efficiency:
Blast Attack Angle:
Blast Early Connection:
Blast Peak Rotational Acceleration:
Ball Exit:
Velo From INF:
Velo From OF:
Pitcher Top FB Velo:
Pitcher Average FB Velo: 86
Spin Rate FB:
Spin Rate CB:
Pop Time:
Standing Broad Jump:
Vertical Leap: 34
10lb Medium Ball:
Push-Ups In 1 Minute:
Pull-Ups In 1 Minute:
60 Time: 6.87
40 Time: 4.76


High School Head Coach: Brandon Lillard
US Elite Head Coach: (None)
US Elite Team: (None)


High School: whitewright HS
High School Graduation Year: 2020
High School GPA: 3.60
High School SAT: 1100
High School ACT: 20
College Choices: OSU, SFA, ACU, TCU, DBU, Kennesaw, Lamar, LSU, North Carolina, SHSU, Rice, Texas Tech, Texas Southern,

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Player Statement

My name is Austin Testerman and I am entering my senior year at Whitewright High School in Whitewright, TX. I am a 6'1'', 156 pound varsity athlete and I have been playing baseball since I was 5 years old…I love the sport! I began seriously training myself towards becoming a dominant pitcher in my freshman to sophomore year and continue to utilize several programs in this process (Driveline mechanics, Texas Baseball Ranch techniques and I work out 5 days a week at Exos in the off season). In addition, I have a complete work-out facility in my back yard where I train and manage my program. My goal this summer is to put on 10 pounds of muscle and bring my fast ball up to 95. I am a strong right handed, 3-hole bat in the lineup and hit .397 this season. When not on the mound I am effective at shortstop as well as in center field but I have played all positions…my mind set is to play where I am needed. I am extremely motivated to play baseball in college and while I am drawn to the smaller sized schools in the South Central/Southwest region, my goal is to play ball at a competitive level…regardless of the location. I want to play in the NCAA division that will give me the best opportunity to continue to grow both on and off of the field. I have an “all in” work ethic and value the relationships that I have developed on the field, both with coaches and my team mates. I give 100% and want to be in a program that will cultivate that commitment.

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