US Elite Baseball Has Many Different Types Of Teams

US Elite Baseball teams can be formed in all 50 states, beginning at 9U-17U. There are various types of teams within the US Elite Baseball Organization. There some exceptions to the guidelines listed below.

1. Local Team: This is a team formed with the majority of the players living within a 2 hour radius of the head coach and plays a regional schedule. They typically do not play at high level, national events. Because the players live close to each other, this type of team is typically able to practice together often.

2. State Team: This is a team formed with many of the top level players from throughout the entire state. In most states, this team is talented enough to compete on a national level and play at high level national events. Because of the distance players live from each other, this type of team generally is not able to practice regularly.

3. Regional Team: This is a team formed from players from multi state region. This type of team is a very high level team and plays at the highest level events and compete for a national championship. This type of team rarely, if ever, practices together.

4. National Team: This type of team is formed from players anywhere in US. To be selected for this type of team a player would need to be considered one of the best players in his state, and most likely a MLB draft prospect. This type of team plays a national schedule and should be as talented as any team in the country.

5. Rural Team: This is a specialty team. At US Elite Baseball we realize that there are lots of very talented players who live in very rural areas. In some states, US Elite Baseball teams are strategically formed with players from wide ranging rural areas. The players on these teams get huge exposure opportunities they normally would not get. The goal of a rural team is to help players in rural areas get a baseball scholarship.

6. 12U Community Outreach Team: This type of team is one of our "crown jewels" at US Elite Baseball. It's a team of talented 12U players from all over their state who travel on weekends throughout their state and play showcase games against the All Star teams of local leagues. At each event, there is a focus on community outreach, and in most cases, there is an effort by our 12U team to help the community raise money for a worthy cause. 12U players on this type of team learn alot about what it means to be "other centered".

Uncommon Standards. Regardless of the status of a US Elite Baseball team, or the level of play, all US Elite Baseball teams are 100% expected and required to conduct themselves according the Uncommon Standards Player, Parent, Coach Agreement.

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