US Elite Teams Play At Great Venues Against Strong Competition

Each head coach in the US Elite organizations determines his team’s schedule. Great care and thought is given to create a schedule that makes sense for that team. We understand that high level players want to play against high level competition.

And, our teams do that regularly. However, not every team and every player is ready to play a national, elite level schedule. With this in mind, the goal of each US Elite team is to play a schedule that both challenges our players, but affords them the opportunity to have some success. Our goal is not just to win trophies and boast of a record like 43-3. We want our players to develop and get better. The best way for them to do that is to play equal, if not better talent. We want to challenge our athletes in many ways. We purposely put them in places where they must raise their level just to compete. The result is US Elite players thrive on the challenge and they get better.

As our players develop properly, exposure (playing in front of college coaches and pro scouts) becomes a key in the complex recruiting process.