There Are Three Different Strategies To Starting A DiamondZoft Team

Starting a new DiamondZoft team is a very exciting time for all involved. Here are the details of how it begins:

Leadership - The most important position in the DiamondZoft program is that of our coaches. Without a strong leader in place, there is no team. Therefore, DiamondZoft is always on the lookout for men of character who want to lead a DiamondZoft team. We take it so seriously, that our coaches must go through a detailed process before they can become a coach.

First, they must fill out an online application, then be interviewed, then be vetted, complete with a background check, and finally, complete an online examine that fully educates them on the Uncommon Standards at DiamondZoft they will be expected to uphold.

Once a leader is in place, teams can be formed in a variety of ways.

Core players - Occasionally, there is a small group of core players (3-5) who completely understand the DiamondZoft model and standards and want to become a part of the DiamondZoft family. In many cases, they are looking to break free from a group of people who may not “get it”. When this happens, a head coach will need to build the team around those core players. In many cases, the players themselves help recruit more players who “get it” and want to join DiamondZoft.

Recruited Team - This, by far, has been the most successful model for DiamondZoft. It’s when a coach joins DiamondZoft by himself, and forms a completely new team. Although it’s a challenging, and sometimes lengthy process to hold tryouts, attend tournaments and recruit all new players, a coach who does this truly can build his “dream team”.

Existing Team - On rare occasions there is a leader (Coach) and an entire team of players who are already operating similarly to DiamondZoft’s Uncommon Standards. They will contact DiamondZoft and the coach will apply to become a DiamondZoft coach. In his application he indicates that he has an existing team to “convert” to DiamondZoft. Typically, this happens when a team is looking to become a part of something much bigger than just their team. There are many benefits for a single team to convert to DiamondZoft.

Are you a coach? Want to start a new DiamondZoft team? Apply HERE.